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  1. Well following another week of great shots. It's time to see everyone's new efforts.
    A couple early morning shots from me. Yesterday at the beach before the sunbathers arrived.
  2. Don't let the warm colours fool you. - 17C
  3. That's a nice tropical sunset, Peter ;~)
    I did a fair amount of shooting this week--but nearly an equal amount of deleting. Here's one of the survivors.
  4. Did you get any shots of the sunbathers, Peter? Nice sunrise shot. I like the daffodil, Dave, very nice composition and so sharp. I have been enjoying having my K10D back in my hands but I have also been making great progress in learning photoshop. I am finally beginning to feel like I have the basics down. Of course, the camera still remains my primary focus but playing around with ps beats grading papers every time.
  5. from last weekend..
  6. finally
  7. "playing around with ps beats grading papers every time." LOL! As to the ducks, Robert, your fancy-schmancy pp may make ID more difficult but I really love the image: the color is wonderful and the ducks just pop out against the gently blurred background--well done!
  8. We still have a lot of snow.... Taken from my kitchen window on 3rd floor....
  9. K200d SMCP-M 100mm/2.8 1/640sec @ f4. Taken on highway between Bucharest and Ias (pronounced Yash). White balance was a problem throughout.
  10. Well, it has been a long time since I participated. I have some shots from the last few weeks.
    First two are the only really acceptable shots from a test session with my newly recieved back from Pentax Japan DA 50-200. The lens is back in Japan - even softer than before. A friend:
    And a bad habit:
    And then a really large fleshy flower. One fell on my head - nearly gave me a heart attack! Taken with the K20D and FA 43mm limited:
  11. Part II from my Montreal Trip [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. Here are a few from me..
  13. I didn't do much photography this much as I was showing my mother how to use her new DSLR properly but I did do some work on a few projects so here are a couple of painted look shots and a B/W I have been working on. hopefully next week I will have some practice shots as my tamron 2x TC should be turning up.
    First up is my B/W no where near the league of Dave's Daffodil but here goes.
  14. Next up is a flower shot done in the painted style I tend to like
  15. Last up is from a portrait sitting but I am not all that sure about the crop but I am so pleased on how the eye's have turned out
  16. Food and drink related for me: The first one I had the 360gz flash behind the bottle and it was fired by the default optical (ie the pop-up flash) and it was 1/16 powered:
    The next two the flash was held in my hand pointing to the celing fired at full power:
    All shots taken with the kittens. I have gone back to it since I've been getting way too many focusing issues with my 18-250 lens and actually liking the lightness and clarity of the kittens.
    I'll comment later, right now I'm off to the grocery store before the crowd gets there...
  17. Dave, thanks for the comments. Actually the duck shot is practically right out of the camera, save a little saturation increase. Ben, I think your b&w shot is really good. Is that the moon in the upper left? Garry, I really like the flower shot, the contrast in the colors is striking.
  18. Something different to what I usually do. (It's from last week, but this week I've been too busy to shoot.)
  19. robert colameco Yes thats the moon in the top left of my B/W, I really like your Blurry creek.
    Peter Zack I like your first shot did the sunbather's turn up?
    Dave Hollander I can't get over the textures you achieved with your Daffodil shot Excellent PP work
    Kari Kakkinen Intereasting perspective nice shot.
    Garry Ian Young Love the colours in your flower shot and the composition is great.
    Bob Marz The Bar shot is my favourite
    Beerbrain/Ronny Perry #3 does it for me a great shot of urban decay.
    Somanna Muthanna Great flash work on the first shot I really like the way the bottle is lit up.
    Miserere Mei Intereasting shot I like the washed out effect
  20. Peter - The first pic's a charmer, would love to see what it's like when things heat up a lil.
    Dave - Great b/w work!
    Robert - Is there a big difference in the streaking effect when you zoom in (vs zoom out) for #3? Excellent btw.
    Kari - That's one cool bike :)
    DC - Nice capture, i think it would be just as striking in portrait orientation.
    Garry - Great pics, especially the peachy flower.

    Never taken any flower pics before, so this is my first attempt. Honestly can't say what i'm aiming for, but here it goes.

    After The Downpour

    Fallen On The Car
  21. Chune, the streaking was done in photoshop by overlapping the same image and adding a radial filter to one and then erasing the part you don't want blurred. But I do think there is a difference between zooming in and zooming out if you're going for that effect in the camera. Perhaps someone with more experience can shed some better light on this.
  22. Here are my three for the week.
  23. Crocus revisited
  24. Crocus part II
  25. [​IMG]
    Sigma 105mm Macro On Flower
    Broken Piano in Children Adventure
    in Berkeley
    Kids with Broken Piano​
  26. Hi,
    I think this is my first time contributing to PoW. I just came off a trip to St. Lucia with some friends. The local economy is based around bananas and tourism; if they think you have money they will try to rob you blind. I think world economic problems are hitting them hard, as they aim at the higher end of the all-inclusive resort crowd. We stayed in a house on one of their iconic pitons and drove ourselves around. The locals speak an utterly incomprehensible patois of french, english, carib, and various african languages drawn from the slaves that were imported in the 17-1800s.
    For such a lush island the produce in the markets was astoundingly bad. We had to barter with a restaurant's kitchen staff to get a shrunken pineapple. I guess the good stuff gets exported.
    All photos K10D and either a DA21 or D-FA 100mm macro.
  27. Infrared filtering, K20D, Sigma 10-20mm, 20mm, 1/100 sec., f/8. Mississippi River, Minneapolis, MN.
  28. Nice stuff gang! Welcome Stephen! It's good to see new people joining the weekly thread.
    I've spent the week playing with some new add -on toys for my strobes. I've got a wedding coming up on St. Paddies Day and thought I'd better learn how to use them effectively.
    This one is take with K10D, DA* 16 -50mm lens, 540 strobe, Aurora Lite Bank Mini Max SS snoop. It's a handy gadget that wraps around the head of the strobe and directs the light to a small spot where-ever you like. I've made my own in the past out of crafting paper/foam but got tired of them ripping apart after a couple uses so shelled out the cash for a "tailor made". It's great for bounce, targeting specific small areas, etc. In this case I bounced it off a Lite Disk just about four feet to the upper right.
  29. so many great pics here !
    But I like blurry creek most of all.....
    = winterfluff of sorts
    = me and my daughter Ishana practising studio-photography
    = an abandoned tarp
  30. I hope you guys and gals will indulge me as I include a fourth shot this week. I just could not make up my mind. Forgive me if they are not all shot on Pentax, but it has been resolved that I love my K10D way more than the Sony. These are the best of the ones not already posted in either the lost mojo thread or the trains thread. I will post my comments about photos later this evening as I am dashing out, but as usual awesome work.
    Triangles and Cylinders
    Lost in translation
    Parallel Universe
  31. Here's my favorites so far:
    Robert Colameco - blurry black and it
    Ben Pajuczok - your black and white is simply awesome. Love how you got the moon to stand out between the birds. Excellent composition.
    John Behrends - Your Crocus are so vibrant and yet delicate. Nice.
    Dorus Oshiva - Love the Portrait of your daughter. Awesome lighting.
  32. Very impressive work al around..Pentax users seem to have an uncanny talent with composition and the understanding of theme...
    Bravo and Well Done!
    Ben :)
  33. Oshiva, that is just a stunning picture of your daughter. That must be printed and framed. Very nicely done!
  34. Why not...
    Just a little goofing off yesterday:
  35. Oh, dang! I shot this with a full frame lens on a cropped sensor. What a rip-off...
  36. It has been a busy week, so these are from a couple of weeks ago, traveling from southern Nevada to north eastern Oregon. Not so much art, but experience!
  37. Abandoned ranch house in southern Oregon, by the Alvord Desert.
  38. And after 100 miles of gravel road, the reward!
  39. At least you had your horse with you!
  40. These are such wonderful photos this week and I'll comment later.
    I've been shooting much less for leisure this week as the tax man cometh tomorrow. I've decided to flee the tyranny of Quicken after 22 years, but finding a halfway decent replacement is almost futile. Good thing my wife takes over starting on April 16th.
    There is a wonderful older park in Seattle named Lincoln Park, as the president set aside the property as a military reserve. Now it is a dense madrona forest and long beach with trails. I love how photogenic madrona trees are: their rich red/orange/purple color and their textures just pop.
    Pentax K20D, Voigtlander 125mm @ f 4.5, ISO 400
    Puget Sound and beyond
    Pentax K20D, DA 35mm Limited macro, 1/1500 @f6.7, ISO 400
    Madronas along path with some Lightroom secret sauce added
    K20D, 35mm DA Limited macro, 1/350 @ f5.6, ISO 400
  41. Peter, wow - that much snow! We usually have 10' down around this time of the year but other than a little ice in the woods all you can see is frozen grass today. Terrific shots by all as usual this week. Here are my 5 favorites picks so far this week:
    Mis - superb beer case shot, very nicely done.
    Somanna - terrific lighting on the beer, ok guys I really like beer ( I like the beer in Bob's shot too).
    Dave - amazing daffodil - wow. Kudos.
    Garry - great, gritty black and whites.
    OShiva - the photo of your daughter is nicely done with stunning lighting.
    Here are a few quick shots from me (the liquor shots really inspired my first)...
  42. Both photos were taken with the FA 50mm f/1.4 on the K100D Super. Here's the second...
  43. That house is wonderful, John!
  44. Just one indoor photo from me this week.
  45. Film pics! Super program, Fuji Film
  46. And another, same roll, no BW PP. (Obviously)
  47. Duane, now I see how you guys survive the Canadian winters ;~)
  48. Yeah, the bottle on the right makes me want to sit down and watch the Red Wings beat someone...
  49. I know I trashed my best shots this past week with a poorly mixed and over-oxidized developer. It was my fault. I will make more. Here is a digital photo, though.
  50. That's what you get for going with those full frame, floppy, silver coated sensors!
  51. The equipment is only as smart as the operator. I know.
    I was able to get that thing back together later that evening! You may have heard celebratory music playing.
  52. Well, late to the party as usual. Really late. Left these down at the in-laws house for a week - whoops! From one of the first warm days in Feb. Took the oldest out of school, drug Matt out of work early, and we hit the zoo for an hour before they closed. Too bad I forgot about how warm & humid the jungle building is. We lost nearly 30 min due to lens fog (head slap). First 2 pics are from there, the tree duck & the Macaw.
    PS - the duck isn't 1 legged. He was resting.
  53. The first time either of the macaws ever cooperated with me. Mac & Cheese (yes, that's their names) usually hide their heads, clean their faces, and walk away when I show up with the camera. This day, Mac ran the duck off and climbed the tree to sit right over my head and pose. Snot. He even talked to me - wouldn't talk to the babysitter with us, who spent a year taking care of him and Cheese. He only talked after she walked away.
  54. I love meercats. Probably because they're the ferrets of Africa. This crop is about 1/3 of the total frame.
    (edit: sorry, connection got dropped. posting again to ad the pic)
  55. k. here they are
  56. Dave = I love your b&w daffodil. It's something that would hang on walls.
    Robert = from last week, I really really liked your creek shot, it was so haunting, it was amazing.
    Ben = I agree w/ you on the portrait shot. They eyes are cool, the crop.....
    Stephen = your St Lucia story reminds me of watching a show on pineapple production. The best get exported whole, 2nd are canned, 3rd best is turned into juice, what remains after is sold in the local market. ick. I find your gear wheel cool. My kinda stuff.
    Hin = you've gotta go back and take more of the piano. way cool piece to mess around with.
    Ian = your 1 shot - nice n peaceful & quiet. calming. nice. the vignetting, i think is a lot of it.
    Nick = your daughter is priceless. love it. one of the best candids around.
  57. The photos this week seem like they encompassed the whole world in scope.
    Of note this week:
    Peter Z. --Those are rich colors and I admire your fortitude for getting the shot.
    Dave H.-Very nice daffodil, I like how the background is so subtle.
    Robert C.-That tree is artful, I like the motion the light lends to it.
    DC C.-Very cool highway shot, the vastness and gray reminds me of my ferry rides on overcast days.
    Bob M.-The second shot is nicely colored and lighted. Is the first shot the "old" Olympic stadium where the former Expos used to play? If so I hear it is a total dump.
    Ronny P.- You should publish a collection of all your postings and mandate loud music and drinks. The last one is fantastic, I think the lighting definition on the steering wheel makes it three dimensional.
    Somanna M.--Widmer Hefeweizen, now we're talkin', that must mean Spring is coming.
    John B.- What a sweet portrait, perfectiy lighted and rendered. That lens is special. But so is your subject.
    Hin M--Nice second shot, the colors and textures are very engaging, almost zen-like.
    Stephen v E-Totally fascinating photos and I appreciated the bit of a story. How many pictures did you end up taking?
    dorus O--You win the trifecta today. Wow. The detail and color of the first one is memorable. Your daughter's portrait is pure classical beauty, if that's a practice shot, I would really like you to post the real thing. That last one shows your fine eye.
    jemal--First shot is tight and it moves. Gotta love the eyes on both of those young woman, and I especially appreciate the inclusion of the blurry body in the rear.
    Matthew Mc.-My friend has an HHR and it's fun to tool around in. Nice background.
    John D.--I know that road, my family spent a week exploring Mahler Wildlife refuge, Burns, Steens, and checking out the land yachts at the desert in 100 F weather no less. For others reading, SE Oregon is one of the most desolate areas in the lower 48. For a period of two days we only saw 12 other cars, and that included UPS which gets around in 4x4s.
    The Alvord desert is a huge flat white mass of borax. They have great hot springs there, but you gotta know which ones not to go in--some are toxic and you may be able to tell by the skeletal remains around the perimeter.
    Duane--your photo just inspired me to reach for the Talisker and celebrate finishing the books for the accountant visit tomorrow.
  58. I will say that when I got into Les Schwab (tire store) in Burns, they told me that it was their favorite road, that is, it eats tires. I left with four new ten ply tires to replace the car tires that came on the truck. I was really glad that I didn't have to ride my horse to town!
    Here are some of the local inhabitants.
  59. Michael - glad to inspire as us Scotch drinkers are a minority. I never met a single-malt I didn't like ;-)

    Cheers, Duane
  60. Taken last week (or is it now the week before), but only recently developed and scanned.
    Newly-emerged Pacific Waterleaf (Hydrophyllum tenuipes) foliage. Taken with Fuji Velvia 50, Pentax MX, and (I think) Pentax SMC-M 100/4 macro lens.
  61. Hi all
    It's been a while since I posted anything here. Hope I remember how it's done.
    Great shots this week, as always.
    My favourite so far is Gary's bad habit. I love B&W, and I love square format. I heard this rumour a couple of weeks ago etc... :)
    Anyhow, here goes.
    K10d, 31mm ltd
  62. One more.
    I wonder what we're supposed to look out for.
  63. Very nice work all! Top posts for me from above are Dave's flower, Robert's blurry creek, Ben's portrait, John's crocus #1, and jamals's electricity...
    I broke out my Tamron 70-300mm LD for the first time in a long time last week and encountered many birds...
  64. It's the international Pentaxian Warning, Fredrik ;~)
    Todd, that pigeon shot makes me simile!
  65. Guys...wassup wif this weeks POW...did u take a photographer's pill or what???? FREAKN AWESOME SHOTS!!! And guess out of country wif no camera or pc on me...damn it... I feel super jeaulous..but...proud coz...we are a just a bunch of amateurs taking great pix rite??? (As a canikoner would say or whatever ...lololol )
    Congrats to all!!! Can't get in detail coz of lack of time...but.. WOWOWOWOW!!!
  66. Thanks Fredrik.
    Duane - I happen to have just finished a bottle of Glenlivet French Oak Reserve 15 year. Very smooth! The bottle is still on the desk next to my mouse! Single malt is the only way to go - except for some very tasty and rare exceptions!
  67. AJG


    A couple of variations of a ceramic sculpture I shot for a client yesterday--K20 w/ 2 White Lightning X3200's w/ 20 and 10 degree grid spots. One was hand held for 2 seconds...
  68. AJG


    image #2
  69. [​IMG]
    K10D - DA* 50-135mm - 1/60s f/5.6 at 50.0mm iso100

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