Photo of the Week - #2 - 9/27/21

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by samstevens, Sep 27, 2021.

  1. I like how having the doll on one side of the image and its shadow on the other side, with featureless shadow in the middle, forces your focus to switch back and forth, thus giving the image a dynamic quality of an otherwise static scene. So, I guess that I like the photo for the same reason that Rodeo Joe would like it to be more contemplative.
  2. I thought about the length of the shadow and I like it the way it's stretched as it is. It adds to the dissonance in that it makes what appears to be a smallish wooden figurine appear more monolithic. In fact that may be the element that works most for me in this, the amplification of a small figure into a big presence.
  3. IMO this is kinda great. I like the light and I like the figure. Everything else adds up well- including the "big bad woff"-ish shadow seemingly about to eat the shadow of the figure? I like all the other elements- the lack of anything else that's really tangible is superb. The shadow play is really nice- that is to say that one bit feels good. To me, the best thing about this photo is the color of the figure and the total lack of color anywhere else. This could easily be a monochrome photograph- if not for the figure/doll. All in all, well seen- however imperfect or amorphous.
    Kudos to whomever. Nice shooting.

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