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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by samstevens, Jan 24, 2022.

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  1. I really do like this photo! Initially, purely visually (colors, contrasts, lines, etc. And then in terms of content. The content intrigues me about the 'story'. At first sight, it looks like a whole jumble of old trains, carriages, and assorted transport vehicles: a 'rail transport graveyard'. The condensed pattern is reminiscent of some of Andreas Gursky's works. Then I noticed the steam train in the foreground and wondered ''would this steam engine really be scrapped?''So other possible stories sprang to mind: a siding? a museum? The steam/smoke adds even more mystery to the photo.
    So the main reason I like this photo is that well. either as a print or as a digital 'banner'.

    PP (or the lack of) is very much a personal choice. There's room to adjust the levels (if you wish to brighten up the photo) and a subtle curves adjustment might make more separation between the 'dark tones' and the 'mid-tones

    Without any PP. it's still a great photo!

  2. Upon my first glance, I thought that the trains were scaled-down models. Viewing it for a longer time and reading Mike's comments led me to think otherwise. In the final analysis, I'm just not sure. On another note, aside from the subject, I don't find a whole lot that's noteworthy about the image.
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  3. The color and tones are fitting. Personally I like the fact it is not brighter as there is nothing happy about a graveyard. If one ponders the photo for a moment they may find the diagonal lines pull the eye nicely through the photo.
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  4. I like trains quite a lot so I really want to like this photo- but the crop puts me off terribly. The diagonal lines & color flow are appealing, but cutting out the larger sense of context kinda kills it for me. That said, there's plenty here to get a sense of the place- clicking on the photo to enlarge it (be forewarned, it's a large file photo) exposes a "clue" as to where this is; it's a railroad museum at an old coal mining site in Austria. No doubt a very interesting place to visit and also to photograph! I'd appreciate seeing the uncropped version and seeing more shots from this neat place.

    edit: I agree with Mike tho, that this would make a great banner for somebody's page or site.

    Ampflwang Locomotive Park Austrian Railway Museum – ERIH
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  5. Kudos for your excellent detective work!

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  6. Aw shucks man... thanks! Just curious, is all.

    Honestly tho this right away struck me as a railroad museum- as we have at least three such places near enough to my home, Scranton (Pennsylvania) Steamtown National Historical (railroad) Site, Strasburg Railroad Museum- closer by, and the Reading Railroad Museum also. I won't drag this any further down the rabbit hole than I have already; suffice it to say the "pattern" & content presented in the photo are familiar enough.
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  7. This one is mine and is indeed in Austria, part of a railroad tour in Eastern Europe just before Covid started messing things up. I’m generally fascinated by junkyards and abandoned places, I wonder what went on there. Same thing with old graveyards, what lives did these people lead so long ago? This place is where many WWII and later steam locomotives are restored. The work is superb and there is much to photograph along the way.

    Rick H.
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  8. Rick, I never thought that the subject is a train graveyard. My opinion of the image has swung 180 degrees.
  9. Rick, can you say a bit about the crop of the photo? It’s extreme and I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts about the crop.

    I notice that the subject matter itself has been so much a focus of response and discussion. I’m not seeing much about the photo itself that matches the interest or enthusiasm I’m hearing for the subject.
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  10. I cropped it pretty hard. There is a lot of useless background at the top thanks to limited access and the proportions of the crop sensor if that makes any sense. I normally don’t crop an image to be so wide and short but couldn’t see any other way to keep what I wanted and get rid of a busy background. I could have cropped differently in camera but the newspaper experience in me and the time I had told me to get what I could and worry about cropping later. I’ve always had a fairly high rate of throwaway images but back in the day I wasn’t paying for the film and probably picked a up a few bad habits. I still have them.

    Rick H.
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  11. It does no really work on any levels. Need do I say anything? Methinks, you understand.....the why.

    Suffice to say you can do a lot better. Let your imagination my thought. Cropping, is not really the answer for a weak photo..

    Nothing is..
  12. I would add a similar photo for your perusal, however, it is not allowed on this controlled space.

    Rules and regulations which we must abide to. Hey Ho.
  13. I think it would fit in as one of series in a documentary book on trains, or whatever other theme. But as a stand alone, I just can't get past the crop on this particular pic. Though it works on many photos, not so much here. :)
    Sorry Rick.
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