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  1. This weeks contribution: Actually from 2 weeks ago in the Adirondacks:

    From my September trip to NH with my brother...not an HDR but similar.

    And from a paddling trip on a local lake/outlet:
  2. As always, Justin, great stuff. I love the sky in the second shot. Here are three from this past week.
  3. autumn continued
  4. and finally
  5. I havn't done much this week really so here is a couple I hope to do more over the next week or two
  6. And this one was taken with the Beast
  7. and one last for spring
  8. "Sleeping Beauty" is really magnificent, Justin! I mean, my absolute favorite of all your stuff. Pretty much a ditto on that for Heron Tree, Robert. Australian Dream is very nice, Ben--really speaks to me. I'm going monochrome this week.
  9. I stumbled upon this cabin while getting out the vote in Pennsylvania last Tuesday.
  10. Dave - nice rustic sepia. That's a really rare find. Thanks for sharing. Ben - wow, the sky is on fire. Nicely captured. Robert - your shots continue to amaze me. Both landscapes are stunning. Justin - the moody sky in your second shot rocks. Simply superb.Kudos. Here are a few quick ones from me. Still playing with the Bigma on the K100D Super....
  11. Another duck...
  12. A one of my daughter...
  13. Wow, really nice. I have a few more from my hiking trips as well.
  14. Another trail shot to a great view also but the sun shining through the trees really made for a great hike.
  15. Although we don't rock climb like Justin, some of the summits can be a bit steep at times.
  16. And a fall shot of a nice pond.
  17. Could not believe the number of bald eagles that I saw on my trip this past week. This one was unfazed by me. He let me get this close with the DA* 300mm. [​IMG]
  18. BArn&Truck Bells TN
  19. Ladder &window. Bells TN
  20. I should have known about keeping it simple and stupid (KISS) when I was asked to take photos of the halloween night march of the children. But instead, I tried using the slow speed second curtain (integrated) flash when available light was not enough to stop the fast motion even with the A 50mm F 1.7. I failed miserably because every time I changed lenses my K10D on "P" mode resetted the flash settings to a very slow shutter speed instead of the desired 1/30-1/45 to catch some ambient light. So, most of my photos are blurry and I now feel the pain other Pentaxians described here from lost photo sessions as well :) At least I got some photos for the client....
  21. I've got a bad case of eagle envy, Patrick :~)
  22. What lovely pictures from everyone !
    I haven’t made any pictures this week, still busy processing pics from my last holyday…. Of which I’ll show you these two anyway, just to give you an idea where I’m at. <br>
    These were taken during one of our daily fishing sessions, the first is my dear wife Anjana, facing and bracing the storm. On the second you can actually see my fishing-rod, if you have good eyes… <br>
    <img src=""> <br> <br>
    <img src=""> <br>
  23. we call it "Raebelichtli"
  24. and one for the truck lovers
  25. All photos are excellent. In short of time, I can only comment a few.

    @Justin, I love the shot of your back and I can see how strong your leg muscles and I love the sky
    color. Dave, your leaf shot is outstanding.

    @Duane, your duck shots remind me of Javier and your daughter is pretty, she has the look of a loving
    teacher. Patrick, the eagle shot is amazing.

    @Bob, I love the b&w, is that a fisheye lens as I see some fisheye effect in the shot

    @Shiva, your outstanding shots continue to amaze in every POW and I hope you take me as your
    student for the training on artistic shot.

    @Markus, I love your self portrait in the other thread and I love the bus shot, and I will go and re-read
    your report on Halloween shooting.

    @Beerbain, I love the truck, very classy look
  26. I forget to comment on Robert's picture

    @robert, I like the monochrome shot.
  27. Here are few of mine taken this week

    I feel great to take this shot after Nov 4 election.
    And I am very happy with the outcome and
    I hope our president elect brings unity and confidence to the country
    as well as bring out troops home back to their families.

    I took this shot with Carl Zeiss Jena 135mm f/3.5 (M42)
    along with Cosina 1:1 matched macro adapter testing the lens before
    I send it to Rose along with the Cal Zeiss Jena Sonnar 180mm f/2.8 (M42)
    I used the Zeiss 180mm f/2.8 to take the flag shot above.

    I take this with Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 during Halloween parade in my company.
  28. I will add to the duck collection... Caught these at the park yesterday...
  29. and another
  30. and some cones
  31. oops sorry that was way to big of a resize
  32. Thanks Hin and all the others for last weeks comments. To be fair, it was my own "operators" fault and not the K10D that failed. I should have fixed the shutter speed instead of using "P" mode and adjusting the shutter speed with the front wheel (and dialing in way too much minus compensation as well fearing to overblow the highlights, resulting in underexposure for the closeups!) But I was stressed because of the very fast moving march and a mother started fighting with me because I took a photo of her child and some smaller boys tried to spoil all the group shots by standing in front of the group making "victory signs" as well.... But still, I should not have lost my temper and knew much better about the camera settings .
  33. wow Justin, you never fail to stun me with your work.

    Robert your shots are phenomenal as well. I really like the mood of the heron shot.

    Ben that's an insanely wonderful sunset.

    Dave I love the leaf shot. That's a cool cabin too!

    Diggin your ducks Duane! Great job on the portrait too.

    Bob you walkway shot is my favorite so far. Very well done! I really like the others you took too.. Amazing stuff..

    Very nice eagle capture Patrick!

    Nice shots Beerbrain! Especially the last two...

    Wonderful portraits Markus! Condolences for the frustration you had to endure. That bus shot is great!

    Great shots as always O Shiva!

    Very fine shots Hin Man! Especially like the portrait.
  34. Excellent start of the thread Justin, thanks! And that is a gorgeous scene you captured in Sleeping beauty. I kind of like the lily pads too .. too bad no flowers :-(
    Robert: Fallbridge and the treed heron are great :)
    Ben: I never got up early enough to catch one of those.. but I can see it would have been well worth the effort :)
    Dave: I hope those aren't your teeth marks on that leaf! lol. I like the cabin shot, but it looks a bit washed out? I would have preferred just a little darker maybe..
    Duane: I like that oily green water! I must admit tho, ducks don't look nearly as impressive as the helicopter and the boat! Of the three this week, I think the family member wins out :).
    Bob: Your first two shots are awesome..That walkway with the fall colors came out superb.
    Patrick: Great catch! And a good shot :)
    Ronny: I like your first 2 shots.. even with the flat light.. did you try zapping the saturation a bit, helps sometimes
    Markus: Glad you salvaged some photos! Your first shot is beautiful! Cute kid, and the light came out perfect.
    O Shiva: That must have been quite the storm you were expecting.. Anjana looks very well protected :). I can see your fishing rod, and that's a pretty scene.. I like your final rendering.
    Hin: that's a cute kid!
    Todd: I have one word for you.. you are getting too close to those ducks, you are gonna loose a lens one of these days! I like the cones, but my favorite is the one with the landing gear down.. good action.
    As for me.. I'm still doing Oz stuff..let me know if you get tired of it :)
  35. Stormy evening at Port Macquarie
  36. A man and his dog
  37. A night shot around Darling harbour
  38. I really like that last shot especially, Markus!

    Compliments to Mrs O Shiva. I should have known from your wide shots of lonely beaches like that dream-like last one that you were a fisherman .

    Congratulations on that flying duck, Todd. Too bad about the pedestrian background. "Cones" is very cool, too.
  39. I also have a suggestion to make.. I think that with the number of people, and photos posted, it is really unwieldy and time consuming for people to feel 'obligated' to make comments, especially towards the end, when there are already 60 or 70 photos to comment on. I think that people should post their photos, and pick 1 or 2 favorites.
  40. Here are three from Last night. My Son Daniel took these at the High School thanksgiving dinner at church...
    <img src="">
    <img src="">
    <img src="">
  41. trw


  42. Trent - nice snap of snaps. I like it.

    Javier - I'm getting hungry looking at those food shots.

    Haig - The night shot around "Darling Harbor" is superbly captured. I like the way you've handled the natural and man-made lighting. Also, the green water was the result of picking up the reflection of fall leaves and green plants on the water.

    Markus - spectacular lighting in that last photo. Well done.

    Hin - stunning shots - I like the little pumpkin best. Wonderful capture. Also, thanks, I believe that children are our best teachers as "we do not inherit the earth, but borrow it from our children". P.S. my daughter was very flattered by your kind comment.

    Todd - nice DOF in the first duck shot and the cones pic.

    O Shiva - love the moody skies. Kudos.

    Ronny (or is it Beerbrain) - that second photo looks like it came right out of the 1950's. Very well done.

    Patrick - great eagle, the only thing I don't like is the fact that I haven't been able to capture one like that! That shot is a keeper.

    Bob - love the detail and lighting in the B/W.
  43. This thread gets better each week and seems to have turned into a monster if you don't get in early it takes so long to load so just a few mentions to those that caught my eye though all are excellent captures.

    @ Haig I like that "A man and his Dog" it really shows the average australian.

    @ Justin Your landscape shots are always amazing and sleeping beauty is no different.

    @Robert that reflections looks stunning and fall bridge I could see hanging on my wall.

    @ O shiva excellent work as always I can see your fishing rod but was too busy looking at the cloud formations to see if you had a bite or not.
  44. I captured this one after work
  45. Some shots from a short hike with the family today in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon
  46. Try it again oops!!!
  47. Horsetail Falls
  48. Trail along Tanner Creek
  49. Wachalla Falls
  50. It has so come to the point here I find it easy to deal with- they are all terrific!! The many pics of children are all so very cute and are such successfully endearing shots. Excellent capture of lighting, detail, and expression. The scenic shots are fabulous, and the individual object shots very well done and interesting to view. I don't have much to offer because all recent pics I have done are not yet downloaded. I am so bad about compuer processing my photos after I take them. I have a couple of cards from months ago just lying around. But all my film has been dropped off and retrieved! However, I did just this past week get some into the computer from my september/October trip. Here are few examples-
  51. Neat shot, Michael!
  52. I had a chance meeting with this 80 year old woman who just began chatting with me as I strolled casually nerar her house. After a few minutes of chat, she very kindly invited me in, and I found her to be unusual and quite interesting. She is informed me she paid for her fine home over the years by selling her paintings! She is shown here by one of her incredible collections of seashells she gathered herself years ago along the beach. She said she still walks a lot, and explained why such seashells are now scarce. Nearby hangs a portrait of her in her youth. Same equipment as John- K200D/ 18-55mm II.
  53. I turned and waved to her as I left, and grabbed this shot-
  54. Here is my contribution.
  55. My contribution
    Mortuary Tower
    Family Portrait
  56. Sleeping Beauty, Reflections, Emily - all lovely in their own way! And many others as well. This week for me - kid pictures! Surprise, surprise. Lots of grey overcast play outside makes for decent candid snaps.
  57. Climbing trees is always fun.
  58. And lastly I tried a "photo shoot" with my older daughter to test a "new" mamiya sekor 58mm f1.7 lens I acquired. Most shots didn't turn out due to movement, but it does seem to have some promise.
  59. Great series from all... as usual. Will try to comment latter, but I'm dragging from 15 miles of backpacking this weekend on the Cross Timbers Trail at Lake Texoma on the Texas Oklahoma boarder. We had about 12 people go on the trip; half kayaked and half hiked. This was the first weekend in a LONG time I can remember Bogan (my dog) being worn out. Here's a few shots from the last two days.
  60. Here's one from camp with the Kayaks
  61. And I know all you Northern folks are over the fall color thing, but we're just getting down here so humor me.
  62. I am struck by how this thread has morphed over the few months we have had it running! I really feel the quality is growing too.
    My contributions this week are both friends, but actually one is from the previous week, ;-)
    Firstly, last week's shot was a failed flash shot (the flash didn't fire) that had to be pushed hard in post processing, but still looks ok in this toned conversion.
    Yu Jun
    And secondly is a black and white conversion with high key attempt.
  63. Roger- did you nail a rare shot of "Nessie" in that lake?? Why, it could be worth some controversy and $$$$!!
  64. I like the photo of Yu Jun, Garry--it was definitely worth the work.

    Robert, if you read this, thanks for the feed back on the cabin shot! I did tone down the contrast a bit--maybe a bit too much.
  65. A lot of good stuff here, but I only have time and finger power to highlight my faves:

    Justin's Sleeping Beauty Mountain shot.

    Bob Marz's B&W forest shot.

    Ronny Perry's Barn & Truck.

    Hin's candid pumpkin kid.

    Todd's psychodelic pine cones.

    Garry's shot of Belle, which I is more low key than high key :)
  66. This is an older photo taken in Halifax. I just got photoshop elements, and have been playing around with it. This was
    taken with my K100D 18-200mm, well the only camera I own.

    Nick your daughters are very cute. Love the photos.

    Javier your son's photos just make me very hungry :)

    Love the ducks Todd.

    Everyone's photos are great these where the one's that stood out to me.
  67. Ok one more try :) Someday I will get the hang of this.
  68. Mis - you're right. It's not high key, it is high contrast!
  69. well, I'm late to the party and for now, only have this offering I actually snapped last night w/ the purse camera (Pentax Optio M30). I'm so ashamed I have the purse camera, but frankly at a time this this was, it's much easier to grab & shoot than dig one of the big ones out of the bag.
  70. my friend luke, while studying for a mathematical analysis test:
  71. Was shooting BB's with a buddy, think it was a 4 second exposure painting the target with a small flashlight. Link to full version.
  72. Ok, now that the posting is over:

    First, thanks for the comments, I actually had sleeping beauty on my HDD for about a week before I decided to post it. I wasn't crazy about it, even commented on my Flickr page that I'd have cropped a bit off the top had I thought it was more than a web JPEG. Now I might have to go back and think of printing it!

    It's funny though, everyone has different taste, my wife hated Bob Marz bridge shot while it was one of my favorites on the thread and had me thinking of ways to improve the shot (say moonlight, star trails, black and white, etc) in other times of the year or day.

    Ok so some favorites:

    Bobs bridge to prospect (never been up prospect or on the bridge...added to list). Wright is a favorite of mine, it's almost 1000 vertical feet in 1/2 mile if I remember correctly? Awesome little climb!

    Michaels nice writeup and photos of his encounter.

    Roberts shots from what I assume are the same local park he has been featuring?? Definitely a place it seems you can really work for plenty of great shots! I'm a big heron fan so that one works for me as well.

    Javier...NO MORE FOOD...I am a big eater and the sight of food makes me hungry!! My family has actually been kicked out of buffets and Brazilian bbqs for eating tooo much!

    Haigs shots of the light breaking through and the tramway are definitely favs!

    Markus candleight portrait is well done.

    I like Todd's ducks eye view shot. Thats really getting it that guys face! I like the pine cone even better.

    Dave, I think that cabin has A LOT of potential, but I don't like the processing. I think you could really make something interesting with a redo of the PP. But the leaf is really interesting, a little different!

    Pat, the eagle is great for such a relatively short lens!

    Garry, I really like the second shot. Not sure I like the blue in the first one, but I'm not a tint/tone guy with the B&W's.

    Roger, good to see you and bogan are getting out. Looks like he is growing up quickly.

    Maria, perfect photo of why not to have kids!! It's bad enough this morning I woke up with Caney's butt in my face but being beat up by sleeping kids is scary!
  73. Justin, Try to figure wives out? Go figure. Just kidding. Too each his/her own. Actually, I would love for you to improve the bridge shot. As I've said a 1000 times, I'm just shooting what I see and hoping you guys like some of my shots and critique the hell out of them. It was the best shot of the day. It's an easy hike. It does go pretty much straight up so it's good excercise and it appears a lot of the locals use it just for that. That was our first time on the trail. End of winter 2007 we decided to take a short hike up the road. 10 miles round trip later it was a little longer than a short hike. When we got home we googled Prospect Mt and sure enough if we had done that (duh) before we left we would have known beforehand that it was 10 miles. Oh well, that hike helped us get in shape for the start of hiking season. There are some nice views on top. The trees have grown in quite a bit though in some spots. Might be a good early sunrise for you. Here is one shot from the top peeking through the trees at the lake.
  74. Actually, I think the shot looks great the lighting and the shadows are nice on the walkway.

    But the bridge had me thinking of potential (I'm a bridge freak). Might hit the mountain this weekend if I don't do a backpack. Been trying to keep the miles down on the car till winter when I hope to get out every weekend, it's amazing how fast a few 400 mile round trips to NH add up!!!. This time of the year is always a bit depressing, but in just a few weeks there will hopefully be snow everywhere!!!

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