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  1. Wow no one posted up yet it was Sunday in Asia like yesterday, wasn't it?...Ahh, auto fill error on the subject line!!!
    Pentax K20D, DA 35mm Limited
    Pentax K20D, DA 35mm Limited (actually a something like 50 megapixel shot!!!)
    Pentax K20D, DA 35mm Limited
  2. ok I will repost my 3 here although the previous thread looked ok to me :eek:)
  3. A very co-operative subject
  4. A different View
  5. My attempt and a landscape shot. CC appreciated. I know it is not the greatest of subjects, but is all I had available today...
    <img src="">
  6. Ok, here is another from today...The biggest Dog I have ever seen in my life...Can you see it??
    <img src="">
  7. And one more from Today...My son Daniel.
    <img src="">
  8. A very busy week that included some fun product shots that I am unable to show you unfortunately.
    My kids and I visited a friend who raises Friesian draft horses. One shot of my daughter:
    K On Wilma, K20D, Pentax DA 12-24mm, @ 24mm 1/125 @ f8, ISO 400

    Watching the sun set from on high:
    ThursDusk, K20D, Pentax DA 12-24mm, @ 18mm 1/45 @ f5.6, ISO 200
    Another nice commute:
    ThursMorn, K20D, Tamron 17-50mm, @ 17mm 1/15 @ f6.7, ISO 400
  9. Two street candid shots from me. First is of an old man who was selling cigarettes along the road. I decided to black out most of the background since it was a bit distracting even in b&w.
  10. This shot was taken at sunset and then adjusted in photoshop.
    Venice Beach
  11. Oops! That first one was too big. My second shot is of a kid who just bought some sort of road-side raffle ticket. She was checking to see if she won anything. Both shots taken with the K10D and Tamron 28-75.
  12. Ok I will try to post a few and hope I don't get disconnected...
  13. that didn't work... looks like I should wait until tomorrow...

    I'm really liking that bug eyed dragonfly, Ben. :)
  14. Three shots from center city Philadelphia.
  15. Along Rittenhouse Sq.
  16. and a church
  17. I showed you the manual K-mount Sun 24mm F2.5 I got from the fleamarket for $10 before and made some "street snaps" with it this week. Next week I will be much more productive photo wise since we got a lot of snow yesterday and I will go on the Swiss mountain tours and look out for some panoramic snow pictures of Zurich. St.Claus asked me to take photos as well next friday evening so I will have plenty of Pentax fun :)
  18. St. Agatha church in Dietikon
  19. Nikolaus waits for the Pentax photographer next friday :)
  20. Seems like we're all waiting for sundays ! Wonderful pictures again, I'm drooling... :) <br>
    Here's my extract of a week's work. <br> <br>
    <img src=""> <br>
    brave new world series nr 35 <br> <br>
    <img src=""> <br>
    experimenting wicht the background <br> <br>
    <img src=""> <br>
    brave new world series nr33. <br>
    made something similar before, but had to bring my new 21mm there..... <br>
  21. The Paddington Station photo in B&W (from two weeks ago, but I did not post to the last POW).
  22. Still catching up on my photos.

    This is a shot from summit of Wright. New York State Environmental Conservation has done a good job educating the public and protecting the Alpine environment that used to get trampled on.

    This is some Alpine Grass blowing in the wind with Algonquin, New York's 2nd highest peak in the background.
  23. A different take of Beaver Meadow Falls from a couple of weeks ago. Faster shutter speed.
  24. Round Pond
  25. And Justin's Balanced Rocks. The arrow points to Mt Marcy I believe.
  26. Bob,

    The beaver meadow shot is awesome. Nice way to isolate, and catch the rainbow.

    I'm actually off to the Mountaineer to pick up some front bails for my crampons, and do something easy like Round Mountain or Hopkins. Not expecting much scenery, so I'm just taking the ist D and a 28mm prime. Looks like it's gonna be a cold one (wind really, temp is almost balmy 25F).

    You made my balanced rock shot seem like a smaller jump than it was...i'd say there is almost a 2 foot difference in the two heights, with a 2 foot gap? then again, it was over 2 years ago I was last up there. what focal length did you use?

    Btw, note to self..Stop using summer windshield wiper fluid around Labor Day!! It seems that that Prestone Bug Juice freezes instantly in 18F temps, creating a nice thin translucent layer...

    Note to self part 2: Do NOT continue spraying prestone bug juice on windshield in attempt to melt already frozen prestone bug juice film, thus forming a semi opaque layer of thick ice!

    I actually had to pull off the road and warm my car enough to melt the ice with the defroster...then I had to find a car wash and wash the inch of built up ice off the windshield edges!!
  27. Take that back, temp is an almost toasty 10F in Keene right now, forecasted to hit 25F.
  28. My first pano. [​IMG] Same place, bleaker weather. [​IMG]
  29. My second picture of the week is from May, but I spent all night re-editing it in photoshop. Not really happy with the red back ground or the jagged lines, but I'm still learning. I am happy with the eyes (whited and eye color changed), lips (color change), and skin (blemishes).
  30. Yes Jemal, you're not yet finished with it. As you say the edges are jagged, as if she was pasted unto the background. You could easily soften it with a touch of blur.
  31. [​IMG]
    Street view, Pentax K20D + DA 40mm Limited
  32. Javier - The first two pictures look good, but, the clouds look odd. Were these shot close to sunrise/set?
    Bob - Alpine Grass is great. A little too much contrast for me, but good anyhow.
    Justin - Sounds like we're having similar temperatures. With the weather here, snow and ice came also.
    Leo - Your catching my obsession. Everywhere I go, I have to take a panoramic.
    Here is a pano that I took last week.
  33. The same day, I hiked to a place that almost scrapes the sky (natural skyscraper :)) and found this amazing tree among the clouds.
  34. Yesterday, I found a frozen creek that I was looking for. After getting about 8" of snow, and single digit
    temperatures, the creek finally froze.
  35. </b> where is the picture? Try again.
  36. Ok, wrong location. Finally it is here!
  37. How do you post pics here?
  38. After you "Contribute an answer" in the box at the bottom of the page, click submit, then confirm, you'll be given the opportunity to upload a photo with your comment. Alternatively, if your photos are on-line, at flickr or wherever, you can use IMG tags.
  39. Jon - great shots but I'm glad to not have seen snow in this part of the Great White north yet. Love the creek. Christer - interesting perspective Leo - your first pano turned out well. What make of car is the wreckage? Jemal - terrific beach capture. Bob - the waterfalls / rainbow image is stunning. Kudos. Jeff - Paddington station is superbly framed, nice capture indeed. O Shiva - outstanding captures. The second is my favorite of the 3. Markus - the 3 shot is a major wow shot. Amazing lighting. Kudos. Robert - love the benches, particularly the new one amongst the weathered ones. It makes me think about how my fathers generation is passing and my generation is now becoming "the old guys". Kudos on a well captured thought provoking image. Lorenzo - great candid. Michael - stunning sunrise. Sweet capture. Javier - that's a really big dog! The shot of Daniel is the best of the 3. I see he's still shooting with the K100D. Ben - great Dragonfly shots. Which lens did you use? The D FA 100mm Macro? Justin - amazing landscapes however I like the sign shot best. Nicely framed and captured. I haven't had much of an opportunity to get out and shoot anything this week. The weather has been terrible. Perpetual RDF (rain, drizzle, fog) and a balmy 8 degrees Celsius. Fortunately it did clear this afternoon for a few hours so I managed to get the kids out to the park - here a few in that late afternoon light....
  40. And another...
  41. Here's another....
  42. And the last... All shots were taken with with the DA 50-200 on the K100D Super. I decided to travel light and make it a one lens excursion.
  43. As always Outstanding work everyone I thought I would get in early before it gets unwieldy this thread is my most favourite of the week but seems to take longer to load everyweek.

    @ Javier thats the biggest dog I have seen

    @Micheal That sunrise over the water is magical

    @ O shiva that 2nd one is very intereasting I keep coming back to it

    @Bob I like Balanced Rocks Shadow

    @Robert rittenhouse square is my favourite

    @Markus I really like St. Agatha church

    @Jemal The red makes it look like a billboard advertisment shot

    @Jon the ghostly tree looks great I dunno about the fence line at the top its a little distracting to me
  44. Duane actually I was out shooting birds with the 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 Sigma APO DG on the K10 but as I was comming in the door at home the dragonfly was sitting in the front garden and thought I would take a couple of quick shots but the little fella just sat there and moved about for me so I steadied myself and used the macro feature of the lens and took my time as I didn't have my tripod with me. I love the Shake reduction on the K10 it comes in handy at times.
  45. One of these days I'll venture out of my apartment and take pictures of something other than my cat. Poor thing.
  46. We had 5 min to take photos and this is what I got...
  47. Well I guess I do have one non-cat photo I can post. Not the greatest comp, just held the camera on my patio railing. The mushroom looked like it was upside down or something, just thought it was cool how the water collected in it. It's been cropped, but not sure how much. Original is here.
  48. Out Tuesday night out taking some photos , local traffic hampered my shots. On this night, along an isolated creek and all setup and 4min into the exposure along here comes a car. Re setup and 7min into the exposure another car (dam). Third time was a charm 13min into the exposure another car, I was able to use the shot but I would have like to have 15-20mins but beggars cannot be choosers.
  49. What make of car is the wreckage?
    I dunno -- Ferrari?
  50. @Jon, That sky is a result of all the fires that went on in Southern Calif. at sunset,..

    Great stuff everyone, will comment as soon as more are posted.
  51. I'm ambivalent about the star trails, Ian, but otherwise that's a gorgeous shot! Apologies for playing hooky from the POW--I've been testing lenses. But I did have to get out of "the lab" and shoot a few with my new toy (FA 135mm, f/2.8). Here's one that isn't totally bungled.
  52. Rittenhouse Square is great (and brings back very old memories of pieces of life spent in that vicinity)

    Also Beaver Meadow Falls! I'm partial to fast shutters for moving water.

    Like Frozen Creek and Ghost Tree a lot, Jon and, of course, the kids, Duane.
  53. Charleston SC door at fort
  54. Lone door Charleston,SC
  55. photo mural in neighbor hood of Charleston SC
  56. Las one Sub fin & flower
  57. Strange stuff, Ronny--I like it!
  58. Thanks for the kind words.

    My favorites this week so far:

    Jemal--Venice Beach looks so peaceful at that moment

    Lorenzo--You captured a raffle as a religious practice with that lighting. A very smart and humane shot.

    O Shiva--Brave New World 35 has great color and texture; love the blue metal. Brave new world 33 also has
    excellent color and texture.You show a fine feel for the wide angle.

    Ronny--Charleston SC door at fort is very artful with wonderful texture, color, and fun; Sub fin & flower has
    great lighting, texture, and it makes me laugh. That "M" lens is impressing me.

  59. I went to the airport at sunset last weekend and came up with some nice images. These are DC-6/7s that have been modified to drop retardant on forest fires. The big old piston engines are amazing pieces of equipment. When taking off with a load they often come directly over our house low and slow. The windows rattle and shake, I just love the sound. The first one just has some minor Picassa tuning done by me and the next two were heavily worked over by a friend who is a graphic artist. Andy
  60. I got a lot of use and dramatic angles out of the 12-24mm lens, I'm liking it more and more.
  61. I laid on the tarmac to take this one. While I was busy with this shot, my buddy who is not familiar with airports crossed into the controlled area. We escaped with just a minor scolding.
  62. Some shots from the Oregon Coast, Cascade Head Natural Area, today 11-23-08
  63. Freshwater falls meets saltwater
  64. Kickin back enjoying the view
  65. Playing around with my crazy Border Collie dog. She's coming head first down a 40 foot rock face after fetching a stick my wift threw to the top. She usually runs around to a safer side but was getting lazy....
  66. The photo...
  67. finally - here are mine... my neighbor's kitten just was spayed and they gave her a donut collar to protect the stitches... she sure was cute in it... :)
  68. a strange experience I had with lighting - I was taking pictures at iso 1600 - realized it was too dark, then flipped the onbody flash - forgetting to lower the iso - but, the picture despite the over-exposure - seemed salvageable - and for whatever reason - I just couldn't delete it...
  69. and... one last ... 2 of mine ... :)
  70. [​IMG]
    with K20D & FA 31mm f/1.8 limited

    with K10D & Komine 135mm f/2.8 1:2 Macro

    with K20D & Cosina 55mm f/1.2​
  71. Perhaps it is too late, but here are some B&W shots of the girls with the MZ-S I picked up. I had it on auto-everything just to see if it works, and appears it does. I'll have to figure out how to turn the date back off, though.
  72. Can't remember if I used the built-in flash for this. Too bad it doesn't encode that on the negative!
  73. And my favorite from the roll.
  74. Went to the Blues - Wild hockey game on Saturday. After some thought decided to bring the K10D. All I can say is that I am jealous of anyone who has a NHL rink to shoot at. Wow!!! So so much light. Made all my white balance and exposure issues so much easier to deal with. Here's two shots from the game taken with the DA* 200, 1/500 @ f/4. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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