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Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by samstevens, Nov 22, 2021.

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  1. I just think you need to show the whole car in these types of photos.
  2. Petronas commercial is focal point :(
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  3. I yearn to see the eyes in the helmet. Without this, it lacks a center of attention, except for the Petronas as Nick says. Is the car accelerating away, or braking? Technically it's fine (it's sharp and has good color), but doesn't do much for me otherwise, but I am not all that fascinated by F1 racing, which I assume this is(?), so I'm probably the wrong person to appreciate it.
  4. IMO kind of an odd stand-alone photo, I would think this would be much more impactful as part of a series. Having said that, the modern auto-focus capabilities of cameras now is something of a marvel, and the typical F1 car is moving pretty quickly- to understate it. I agree that it'd have been nice to see the entire car here- OR a tighter detail of the driver?
  5. "IMO kind of an odd stand-alone photo, I would think this would be much more impactful as part of a series." .Ricochetrider

    There we again a single photo in a portfolio. Without any expiation from the photographer, why they took the photo, and what they were seeing.

    Basically, most folk think, err it could better;. I would like to offer a more constructive thought, from folks who do this type of photography for a living. No all's no nothing, they but they love to spout. So,

    How to take stunning car racing images (
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  6. I really like this photo - I can almost smell the rubber!
    The photo is different from many 'standard' F1 shots of a 'frozen' whole car somewhere out on the circuit (just google Petronas F! racing images). I like this close-up of the driver's cockpit and the action/drama suggested by the smoke. The photo shows me just how small the driver's helmet is in relation to the car with all its power.

    I also like the 'gestalt' approach where one front wheel leads me to imagine the other one. The same applies to showing part of the back tire which leads me to imagine the other part and the other tire too.
  7. Not so sure that's an F1.
  8. It's difficult to find any sport that hasn't become a mobile/living advertising hoarding.

    To me, the shiny and garishly coloured car could easily be a CGI simulation. It's only the drab background that tells you it isn't - because who would bother to simulate that?

    I think you'd need to be a dedicated petrol-head to get excited by this picture.
  9. @mikemorrell’s words on this shot inspired me to take a second look at this. I see it now as a pretty good capture of just a second or split second of action. The driver’s head is turned to his right, he seems to me steering that direction, and the front wheel seems to be locked up (hence the smoke).

    The knowledge that these cars, be they F1, Le Mans or whatever- travel at ridiculously fast speeds, adds (to me) much greater impact to this this small moment in time and space.
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  10. The photo shows some of the atmosphere of a motor racing event, the tyre smoke implies movement. Others have mentioned the crop I feel a tighter crop and a dutch tilt could had tension.
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  11. Had to look up "Dutch Tilt". Never heard the term before.
  12. I'm not normally a big fan of F1 and I'm pretty sure they have a significant negative impact on the environment! But the ongoing F1 duel between Dutch driver Max Verstappen and UK driver Lewis Hamilton has generated a lot of F1 interest here in The Netherlands. So I have watched a couple of F1 races this year.

    I don't own a car and I travel using public transport. So I wouldn't qualify as a 'petrol head';)
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  13. When I zero in on the driver's head, I note that the Petronas-emblazoned mirror is prominently in the way. This photo might be interesting as part of a series not necessarily on car racing but on the advertising graffiti big corps are using to imprint their names all over sports. I feel a little badly for MIG bank, relatively obscure and relegated to the flank, as it were. The smoke rising beneath the word energy suggests many possibilities for providing photographic texture and comment on various and sundry company logos, kind of a way to talk back to big money who doesn't necessarily deserve the final say.
  14. One other thing I like is the contrast between this photo and Petronas's slogan "A Progressive Energy and Solutions Partner Enriching Lives for a Sustainable Future". I guess the same applies to all F1 drivers sponsored by Oil & Gas companies.
  15. This image would convert to B+W with compelling tones accenting the reflective lighting. With Gerald"s suggestion of dutch tilt and a slight crop this photo does stand out, from the usual F1 car shots... and draws me in and keeps me looking. That of course may defeat the desire to maintain color and change it from an accurate representational document (which may be the intent), to a stand alone interpretation of the experience.
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  16. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I’d bet a box of Mars Bars it is.

    It is a Mercedes F1 W04 also named Mercedes AMG W04. Mercedes built this car for the 2013 F1 season.
    The driver was Lewis Hamilton, who replaced Michael Schumacher when he retired.

  17. I was looking for the distinct roll bar that passes over the driver's head, must be a more recent addition to newer F1 cars.
  18. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I knew it was an "old" F1 car, also the 2013 season was the last for the V8 engines, this merc was 'special'
    Probably. The technical specifications for F1 are suspect to change, each season.
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