website is too clutered with buttons that take the entire screen

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by tumza_relax|2, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. i miss the old site design of it used to be so simple to get to gallaries and it was not cluttered by buttons all over where you are supposed to see photos.

    can you please redising the site so that pictures take priority on top of the page. all this settings,buttons links are not supposed to
    take the entire page such that you have to scroll down before you can see any picture. This is the reason i don't visit this site any longer so often,because its a lot of work just to navigate around so much clutter of links and clickables and so much commentry on top of pictures
    it just makes the site a mess and hell of work to navigate. Please fix this issue, you can keep the site as it is but reduce the size of control buttons so that they just not in the way of pictures. i hope this message gets through to someone who cares enough to do something aboit it.
    i know is not my only cry.
  2. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

    1st world problem :)
  3. G-P

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    Thank you for your feedback. If you log in and goto your settings page you can set what page you first see after you log in. It is called "first page after login" and there are "recent activity", "my uploads" and "forum" As for Galleries - are you in this section: - Where Photographers Inspire Each Other

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