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  1. Photo contests are one of the items that tops every "what would you like to see from" list we put out there and they've been very successful with lots of participation. I am happy to say that we are now going to be running regular photo contests based on many different subjects/techniques/mediums/etc. The winning image or images will typically be a one winner per guest judge and one or more winners by subscriber voting. We'll also have a little prize for the most facebook "likes" just for fun.
    • The contest (both submission and voting), due to past instances where voters created free accounts to game the system, is now subscriber only.
      • First off, you should visit this page to see what contests are currently in the submission or voting phase:
      • Once you have found a contest you wish to submit to, you should upload the image that you wish to submit to your portfolio. If the image you wish to submit is already in your portfolio you may, of course, skip that step.
      • When viewing the image that you wish to submit, scroll down to the "Photo Admin" tab located under the image and click on it.
      • You will then see a drop down menu allowing you to choose an active photo contest to submit to. Typically there will be only one contest in the submission phase at a time. But there may also be times when we have multiple contests at once, so be sure you have chosen the correct contest.
      • Click "submit". Ta-da, you are done.
    • In a few minutes your image should show up on the contest page. Please do note that the submissions are updated on that page every 5 minutes. So your image may not show up instantly.
      As we near the voting phase of the contest, we'll let you know. Voting is easy - simply click "vote."
      Any questions, please ask!
  2. screenshot
  3. Great idea. Well done Josh and Team.
    Look forward to it.......... need to find some kids (smiles).
  4. Hey Josh, if I'm logged in to my account already, why is it asking for a login for the submissions page?
  5. Nevermind, you have to remove the "staging." From the link...
  6. Hi Josh,
    I just went to the contest page to enter a photo and found that people are entering several images?
    While the contest instructions read "Submit a photo" in the singular, I note that people are uploading as many as 9 images. Some clarification on this point would be appreciated.
  7. jsc


    Josh is out for a few days, so maybe I can answer some questions in the meantime.
    The link was incorrect, above and in the newsletter. I've fixed it above. We will be adding navigation links to more places soon.
    Regarding multiple entries, we're discussing whether to limit it to a fixed number per user, but have decided, for this first contest, to let it stand. I'd recommend that users just go with their best shot, and not go for the shotgun approach.
    To repeat, this first contest is intended to introduce the system and work out any problems.
  8. So how can I remove some of my entries?
  9. jsc


    If you wish to unsubmit a photo from a contest, please visit the photo page again. You should now see a drop down similar to the submission dropdown that will let you unsubmit the photo during the submissions period.
  10. Does it have to be a single shot, or can it be a series in one frame/composite?
  11. May I recommend having 2 categories: color and black & white
  12. Does it have to be a single shot, or can it be a series in one frame/composite?​
    I would encourage you to stick to a single shot.
  13. May I recommend having 2 categories: color and black & white​
    There are always a million different ways you could go with this sort of thing. But for this contest, we are just sticking everything in together.
  14. I am trying to submit an entry to the photo contest. I have read and reread the rules and clicked on all the available links for cannot get to the place where I upload the photo. What is the secret here?
  15. Trying again
  16. Robert,
    Posting your photo to this forum thread is not a contest entry. You need to upload a photo to your gallery and then follow the submission instructions.
    The photo uploader link is available in the "portfolio" section of your "my workspace" area. Or you can click this link:
  17. Josh, thanks for your help. With your guidance, I was able to post the photo to my portfolio. I submitted it to the contest per the forum instructions but was rejected; it seems to be treating my entry as too late. Isn't the contest open through today (Sept. 30)?
  18. I'll ask one more time and then give up. Is Sept. 30 (today) too late for the photo contest? I have tried repeatedly to submit the photo but the system keeps telling me "There is no such contest available, or it is not within the submission period." Huh?
  19. jsc


    Robert, please try one more time. I've changed it so that Sept 30 is the last day for submissions, and not the day after the last day for submissions...
  20. Hi Jim: Thanks for your help. I just tried again and did NOT get rejected, which is encouraging. But I didn't get a confirmation of acceptance either. I'll check the photo contest page in a few minutes to see if the image is there.
  21. I need to vote, How do we vote?
  22. Working on it. Apologies.
  23. One more question Josh, I too submitted more than one photo. Will I be disqualified? When I enterd mine, there were many with numerous entries. I don't want to be diqualified. Thanks.
  24. Nope, this contest did not have a submission limit. I have a feeling that we will have a limit on future contests (probably 2 or 3) just to keep things organized. But this contest did not have one.
  25. Here are the instructions for the "Peoples' Choice" Facebook like voting:
    Any questions about the voting, please ask them on THAT thread.

    Any questions about image submissions for contests should be asked here in this thread.

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