Paypal Certificate Expired

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by agardner58, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. I'd like to renew my subscription, but when I click try to pay via
    PayPal, I get a message that the certificate has expired. I only saw
    one other response in the archives.

    Anyone know what's going on? I supposed I could send a check, but
    PayPal is easier for me. Thanks
  2. This popup message that you are seeing in your browser is concerning the *PayPal* certificate. PayPal needs to renew its certificate. You just have to click OK on that message and proceed to the PayPal site.
  3. I get that quite a bit on and off with PP. Looks like they have some server/crypto boxes in their cluster up to date, some not.

    Try again, you'll probably find you'll now hit a server with a good cert...
  4. It doesn't really matter whether the certificate is expired, except from the point of view of trusting that it is really PayPal. You can accept an expired certificate, and then proceed with the transaction. Accepting an expired certificate isn't a huge risk. They still are presenting a certificate.

    I wouldn't recommend that you normally do this on a blind link, but when you are clicking through from the link on, in order for you to end up on a site other than PayPal, a bad guy would either have had to have tampered with the link on, or else taken over PayPal's domain name server somehow.
  5. Or a virus/spyware/adware modified your hosts file! But in general, I don't care much about expired certs either. Unsigned ones and those with a different name from the site you thought you were going to is a different matter, though. But I haven't come acros any of those yet...

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