Now Accepts Credit Cards / Subscription Drive

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by mottershead, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. I am pleased to announce that now accepts credit cards directly through its new secure server. We also still support payment through PayPal.
    Many people have told us that they have been waiting for us to be able to handle their credit cards directly in order to subscribe. In order to encourage these members to subscribe now, we are announcing a Subscription Drive from now until the end of the month. Anybody who purchases a 12-month subscription for $25.00 between now and midnight, September 30, will receive an 18-month subscription, and anyone who purchases a 36-month subscription for $68.00 will receive a 54-month subscription.
    If you already have a subscription, you also may renew early in order to take advantage of this incentive.
    These upgrades will also apply to those people who helped us with the beta test of the new interface.
    So if you didn't want to go through PayPal and have been waiting for us to accept your credit card, the moment to subscribe is at hand! And if you have just been procrastinating -- well, your procastination paid off, because if you subscribe over the next couple of weeks, you will receive a 50% upgrade.
    Just click here to subscribe
  2. no Paypal....GREAT.

    I have signed up !!!
  3. you will see my member sign again immediately.
  4. The drive is off to a great start, with six new subscriptions already. If you are not already a subscriber, you should see your subscriber "icon" immediately. The 50% upgrade will be added within 48 hours of your subscription.
  5. I usually use paypal. But, since you're giving the 50% extension, I've just renewed.
  6. I just subscribed for 36 months. It would be nice if the confirmation message could be changed to show that the subscription is indeed for 54 months (or 18 months, as applicable).

    Thanks for making this convenient arrangement.
  7. My subscription expires 26 june 2006, but if I can to renew from that date onwards I will profif you offer, indeed. I'm very satisfied of Thanks.
  8. Francisco, yes you can renew. Because it is so soon, the code might not extend your subscription automatically. This is a safeguard against processing the transaction twice. We occasionally receive a duplicate notification of a transaction. If you don't see the subscription being extended, let me know, and I will fix it in the database manually.
  9. I have signed up, too.

    One comment though: You should filter out spaces (and other non-numerical characters) in the credit card number field. My
    card was first rejected because I had entered the number
    as it is written on the card (i.e. with space as a separator)
  10. Brian, I posted it here 2 days ago (few posts down). Perhaps you can delete that post now this thread is here.

    Good move with the direct credit card acceptance!
  11. It was posted on the Nikon forum :)
  12. dk.


    Done! :eek:)

    I see the extra year but not the 50%/6 months etc, but I see you mention above about "The 50% upgrade will be added within 48 hours of your subscription" So I will wait and see. By the way keep up the good work Brain and those in charge here. Take care.

  13. Great! Already signed up. Did not want to use PayPal. I do not have to feel guilty anymore for using the site for free.
  14. Hey brian, just say I was to use an uncles credit card (from Ireland) would the bill on the card have any hidden charges or anything like this ? I ask this because I really want to subscribe but im afraid he might get extra costs ? sorry if that sounds stupid.
  15. Brian -

    Thanks, again!

  16. There. I paid. Now I'm even more broke:( That 180 3.5L just slipped a little further away...
  17. Also, has anyone actually read the ads for the Nikon D50 that are displayed at the top of the screen on some pages? "Are these photographers more skilled than you? No! They just have nikon D50s which make them better! Buy one Damnit or you'll continue to suck at taking family photos and your grandmother will hit you with a rock!" Got a little carried away there, but still that really is a misguided and condescending ad campaign...
  18. Good move. Does this mean you might also deposit the check I mailed to you with correct ID
    last December? Thx...skip
  19. jtk


    SUBSCRIBE! This is a wonderful site, pay for it.
  20. Darren, there won't be any hidden charges. The charge will be either US $25.00 or US $68.00, depending on whether you take out a 1 year or a three year subscription. If your uncle's card is billed in Euros then the US dollar amounts will be converted to Euros by the credit card company and will appear on your uncle's credit card bill as amounts in Euros. In my experience, credit card companies generally have good exchange rates. Although it might not be as good as the one printed in the newspaper, which is generally for the exchange of large amounts, it will most probably be better than you could get if you were exchanging money at an airport or at the consumer-level exchange counter in a bank.

    If you charge this to your uncle's card, make sure to enter his billing information in the form, since it is supposed to match the information for the card owner, not your information. If you are logged in under your account when you do the charge, the subscription will be credited to you.
  21. I am PayPal averse, so I'm glad that I could use a credit card. Looking forward to seeing the subscriber icon next to my name.

    Bill Schneider
  22. Bill, I see your payment in our account already. But the message hasn't arrived yet on our computer, triggering the icon. This is a little surprising, since normally it happens within minutes. I'll keep watching and if it doesn't arrive, I'll put the icon there by hand.
  23. I'm really baffled why people who don't subscribe get to participate on the same level as those who do; it always seemed to me that "guests" should get perhaps three posts and after that they're observers unless they subscribe.

    Even students will find that a year's subscription costs them less than a single book (and less than they would have spent on two rolls of film and processing), and it's not as though observers can't have access to all of the information that is shared here. And, with three free posts, newcomers with a burning equipment question -- most of which seem to have answers in the archives -- would still have three opportunities to ask it.

    A couple of weeks ago I saw someone with a name something like "KAA" not only diss a well-meaning subscriber who was trying to recruit others to join, but actually give tips on how non-subscribers can tweak their browsers to minimize the number of ads they see here. To me that just doesn't seem right. (All non-subscribers who want to do that tweak, just do a search right now for that thread.)

    Or would the site just die off if the rule was "X number of posts and then you can watch all you want until you pay"? I'd be curious to know what others think.
  24. I have to look for that thread about getting rid of the adverts. Re doing the subscription has not made any of the ads, keywords, etc to disappear. They are still there.
  25. Thank you! The only reason I had not renewed was because I no longer will deal through Pay Pal. I wanted to renew but simply wouldn't because of that. As soon as I saw the direct CC acceptance I renewed.

    Thanks again!

  26. Vivek, you probably have to log out and log back in so that you are recognized as a subscriber. The "icon" is put there by code that actually checks in the database to see if user_id such-and-such is a subscriber. Most subscriber priveleges work like this.

    But the code that generates the ads just looks at the login-cookie. If you are still seeing the keywords, for example, then you have an old login-cookie that doesn't reflect your subscriber status. Logging out and signing back in will fix this.
  27. What the heck. It's not like Nikon introduced that D200 I was gonna spend the money on.

    Nice work, Brian.
  28. As far as the "guests should be hamstrung until they subscribe" sentiment I have to disagree. I normally loathe message boards and forums. If I hadn't been able to participate for, I'll be honest here, 3 months I would never have thought to pay money for the privilege. And by the way some of actually do need the money for that "two rolls of film and processing!" :)
  29. Brian, Thanks! Worked like a charm and is a big added BONUS :)
  30. Just signed up for 3 years. Phew--now I feel whole and in good karma, and one with my camera! Thanks all--this was a very good decision!

  31. That's fast. Sweet.

    Andrew - I see where you're coming from, but keep in mind that it's pretty clear the administration doesn't enforce the trial thing too hard.
  32. Brian--- I ask again. Where do I send a check? I do not use credit

  33. Great news, I will renew mine(due in 2007) and also give a gift subscription to a photographer relative of mine in India !


    I guess you are out of luck. I sent them a check first and never got a membership. the check went somewhere but Pn never cashec it ! I finally reluctantly used paypal and I was a member within 30 seconds !

    Thanks again, Brian, for this !
  34. Brian--- Well, thanks anyway,

  35. gib


    thanks for providing this method for supporting I prefer not to use Paypal, so this was perfect.
  36. Testing, testing...

    (Will I be seen as a subscriber?)

    Bill Schneider
  37. Bill, it looks like the notification didn't come through. I'll do it now manually.
  38. Righteous!
  39. Thanks, Brian! That worked.

    Bill Schneider
  40. Does it normally take long before a new subscriber's account is activated? I have completed payment through the credit card method I am still using a Guest account.
  41. Brian

    I am so glad I looked at this post for a few reasons.
    I have been a non paying member of since Jan/2001 and justified it to myself by
    saying I help out in the forums ect. This site has provided me with thousands of dollars of
    information and often better info than I was prepared to and did spend money on.
    This info was most valuable as often it is real life info by working photographers with
    varied experiances in most situations.
    I guess today it really hit me why I would use this and at times when I was in a panic and
    not support it even when over the period of years when no one ever said hey Pete glad to
    help why don't you.

    The short version is Thanks to all for your help, you have allowed me and helped me to
    become the photographer I wanted to be when I joined the site and I appreciate it and
    always hold it in the highest regard.

    Take Care, Pete
  42. Fantastic! Watch subscriptions soar. I'm on.
  43. Quick and simple, I have been a non subscribing member here since 2002 but do not like pay-pal, but here I am signed up now, Thanks for this timely subscription method Brian.
  44. Brian,

    This is great. Even though my current subscription doesn't run out until 2007, I've just added a year (18 months) to it.

    Keep up the good work.

  45. Figures -> I subscribed on 9/11, Oh well, $25 understates the value for 12 months of use,IMHO. Those extra 6 mos. offset by the months of freeloading since 2002. Sorry about that. I would also urge others to support this great site.
  46. I'm in for 18 months... Thanks Brian and the rest of the crew!

    Now all I need to do work double hard to earn an Atlas.

  47. Sixty subscriptions/renewals since we started this drive!

    That is the good news. The slightly bad news is that about nine of them so far don't seem to have gotten their icon as quickly as they should have. I don't know why, but the notification did not come through from the payment processor, although I can see the payments in our account. The notification is what triggers the status update. I've already intervened on a couple of them to do the update in the database manually, and I will do the rest of them tomorrow, as well as apply the 50% extensions.

    Thank-you, everybody, for your support of the site.
  48. Thanks Brian and for the extension of the subscription. Excellent value. :)
  49. Excelent! Just did.. How long to see the icon?
  50. Hi Brian,
    Is it possible for me to pay via Mastercard from UAE? I hope you make it work. I honestly want to suscribe from last 3 years. We have a photography club here and there are few who would suscribe. Paying through check is a big hassel.
  51. YEEEESSSS!!! finally I'm in! I had a Paypal account which never worked, and, living in Lebanon, could not get decent help from them (only free toll numbers not working from abroad). I subscribed immediatly and I'm proud to be part of this funky community ;-)
  52. OK, you just removed the obstacle that prevented me from subscibing. I'm in.
  53. Great idea, have been waiting for direct CC acceptance for a while, so tonight I can finally become a paying member and help you keep the site as great as it's been for many years.
  54. Great news! Thanks for the CC option and the extra months.

    I've been using as a non-sub for a few years and it feels good to be able to obtain a subscriber status now.
  55. I'm seeing some duplicates where it looks some people paid twice. If these are mistakes, which I think they probably are, please let me know. I'd like to know how they happened, so we can avoid them in the future. The ones I've spotted are from: Joanne Doyle, Joseph Lopez, and Heather Flaherty.
  56. Thx Brian. I just renewed too. My subscription was up last August but since I hape PayPal I just let it be. This feature is appreciated!

  57. Dear Brian,

    1) I have always shied away from paying phnet because of the "only paypal" connection.

    2) I have always shied away from paying phnet because of the mandatory icons, extra workspace and other "priviliges". I hate rank and title and prefer to use none.

    Now that my first objection has fallen, how about the second one?

    Sorry to be so difficult.
  58. Brian:

    Tanks for all!
  59. Excellent! NOT!

    I subscribed on the 10th and NOW this happens!

    I am not a happy bunny at all!
  60. Brian,
    Thanks to you and all. Worked without a hitch. I too could not deal with paypal.
    Jim Mucklin
  61. Brian,
    Happy to help.
  62. I was one of those you mentioned who have been waiting for a non-paypal option to become a member and now I am :)
  63. SL, I don't know how to resolve that. It would be better if we didn't have to have subscription drives and people just subscribed.

    But it is obvious that many people need some impetus or encouragement to subscribe. We don't have the drives very often. Both of the previous ones were actually initiated by members, and the admin just went with the flow. This is the first one that we have actually initiated. But when there is a drive, the subscription rate goes from single digits per day, to dozens per day. It would make sense to have more drives except for two factors: if we had them all the time, people would wait to subscribe until the next drive, and we would always be making folks like you unhappy that they didn't get in on the drive.

    So we don't plan on having many drives, or regular drives, and we plan on just springing them on the user base. But when we do have a drive, it has to start at some point and end at some point. There is always going to be someone who subscribed just before the drive started who is going to be unhappy, and someone who was just a bit too late, and who will also be unhappy.

    If it is any consolation, we don't plan on having another drive again for a long time, and while we will most likely get a couple of hundred people to sign up during this drive, you haven't paid any more than the few thousand other subscribers.
  64. Brian

    I extended my subscription on the 1st Sep during the first subscription drive and my 54
    months were duly added. I also paid for another 54 months yesterday (13th) but so far no
    sign of this. Is my second subscription considered an error by the system?
  65. I (like most here) was one who did not want to use ppal, otherwise, I would have renewed my subscription a long while ago. Drive or no drive, it is great to have this non-ppal option.
  66. YAY im a subscriber im so glad you brought the credit card payment in thanks again brian !

    Cheers, darren
  67. Brian,

    I am so pissed. This is still not working for me. How can I be the only one in the world that can't access this service?

    Every time I click on the link you provide, it takes me to that same screen with the two boxes for PayPal or credit card, but when I click on the link for credit card for one-year, it just takes me right back to the same screen. It never goes anywhere but that screen, along with the warnings about it not being secure popping up like before. Why am I alone not able to do this? I log-in and pay by credit card on dozens of sites. I am enabled for cookies, and when I go to, I am already logged in, so my computer is recognized at your site.

    I want to pay, I just can't. ;-(
  68. I disagree with the 3 posting scenario described above. Photogs need to see that there is value here and hence the reason for being a paid subscriber of the community. Had I only been allowed 3 postings I might have moved on to my other sources of info. because there would not have been enough exchange for me to see the value.

    BTW I like paypal even though they've taken some big bites out of my sales. I use them as a firewall.
  69. Albert, scroll back a bit where I gave my hypothesis about why there is a problem, and provided a URL which you can try in order for us to see if I might be right. Maybe it is in the other thread.
  70. Brian, Thanks so much for picking up a double payment from me. It was, indeed, in error. Somehow when I pressed submit, I think I hit back arrow (intending to return to gallery) but which instead brought me back to the "submit payment" page again leading me to (too hastily) believe the "submit" did't go through. It was my error...not any system problem. But I really appreciate your catching it. And also, appreciate all your hard work and dedication to this site. Regards, Joanne
  71. I am so glad you are doing well in the subscription drive. You'll be alright.

    Good luck and keep on the good work.

    Best regards / sandy
  72. Dear Brian,

    I am also experiencing problems getting into the Subscription Renewal section. I scrolled back through the message but could not find the URL you referred to. Please could you help.

    Many thanks

  73. I will just have to delay my renewal that's all(in 2006)! :(
  74. SL, if you renew now, you will get the 18 months tacked on to your current subscription. Quite a lot of people are renewing very early in order to take advantage of the upgrade. Probably they have noticed that we don't do a lot of these drives.
  75. Ian, there isn't really a renew button. You just buy another subscription using the same buttons. If you have an unexpired subscription, the new one gets tacked onto your current subscription. If your subscription has expired, you will just start a new subscription period.
  76. Joanne, I refunded the extra payment. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to test the refund feature. Let me know if you don't see the refund on your credit card statement.
  77. Hi, Sandy! Thanks for your kind words. It would be great to see you around more often.
  78. Brian,

    Any feedback on my problem?
  79. Stuart, it looks like the last subscription was not registered. I'll do the additional 3 years manually now, and later on you should get another 18 months, when I do all the promotional upgrades. This will bring your expiration to sometime in 2016, which must be some kind of record! Thanks for all your support.
  80. Dear Brian,

    When I click on the pay subscription it warns me that I am about to enter a secure site, i agree and then it iommediately tells me I am about to leave a secure site - I can;t seem to get out of the loop.

  81. Ian, what browser are you using? Are you logged in to The payments server requires you to be logged in to, and will redirect you back to the subscriptions page (which is not secure) if you are not logged in. Another person reported a problem, which made me think that his browsers (MSN 6) would not send the login cookie to, if it was issued on, not considering these were the same domain, and differing only by the port.
  82. Hi all,

    just a test if subscription is successful.

    Thank you very much for this great site.
  83. Nice system! I just renewed via credit card because my check for one year that I sent in five weeks ago has not been processed. When the mail openers find my check, please use the $25 and give it to someone outside of the US who does not have access to a credit card. Thanks!!!
  84. To Andrew Hinkle - you may indeed be "Broker" but look at what an impact you can make on other photographers?

    I paid (finally)... after several years. Glad to belong!
  85. Brian - thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. I've just renewed for the 36 month option, and its probably the best $$ anyone could spend for the sheer volume of photographic information and expertise packed into one place. Despite some of the occassional hiccups, this is still the best photo site on the net, and I for one am happy to continue to support the site. Thanks, --Rich
  86. Brian,

    there is NO provision for a gift subscription. I wanted to give a gift subscription to a fellow photographer of mine in India but could not. I renewed mine without problem though! How do I give a gift subscription ? Checks dont go to their destination !
  87. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    I renewed for the 36 month option and am new good until June 2010. Not bad.
  88. Great gesture, Tim Holte! Bravo!
  89. Dear Brian-

    I believe the responses you have received here demonstrate that several of us just DO NOT trust PayPal - - not only for it's basic construct, but because of the myriad of phishing messages we receive daily from eBay and PayPal spammers, enticing us to reveal personal data that should not be given.

    If you do have accounts on either eBay or PayPal, you might be in a slight quandry. If you do not have either one of the accounts (as I do not), then you begin to wonder just how the people who DO have accounts manage to avoid answering a message that really looks to be official.

    As one datum point, I receive about 150+ spams per day, of which 20 to 30 are "eBay" or "PayPal" phishing messages - - and they are getting more realistic daily.

    Clearly, IMHO, straight credit card purchases are the way to go.

    George (The Old Fud)
  90. Thanks for the credit card support. Now I finally bit the bullet after hanging here about 2 and half years and subscribed. Hopefully you get plenty of other subscriptions because of this. Now I dare to become more active again instead of just lurking half-ashamed because of not paying :)
  91. Brian,
    Thank you for adding CC support and for the membership drive. I had difficulty accessing the payment page. When I click on either link (12months or 36months) is get thrown back to the same page. I'm not sure which of the following is the culprit, but my setup is as follows:
    OS: linux Browser: Firefox 1.0.4 (using Adblock so I don't see many ads, could this be the problem) Java and JavaScript are enabled
    I hopped on a Windows machine, also running Firefox, to make my payment.
    A member of the community since September 10, 2001. Paying member since September 18, 2005.
  92. J. Varsoke: try accessing this URL and post what is returned,
  93. ---
    # get_user_name:
    # get_user_id: 0
    # get_user_agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.10) Gecko/20050825 Firefox/1.0.4 (Debian package 1.0.4-2sarge3)
    # get_host:
    # verify_and_get_user_id: 0
    # subscriber_p: 0

    (please excuse the formatting, PN is censoring the 'pre' tag, prolly for good reason)

    Not sure why it doesn't know my username. I'm clearly logged in -- and posting this message from the same session. Though, truth be told, I haven't actually "logged in" for about a year, as my old cookie still seems good.
  94. You might be logged in on , but it looks like your browser (Firefox under Debian Linux) is not sending the photonet-login cookie to (Note https: versus http:). This is odd, because I am running Firefox 1.0.4 under Fedora Core 4 on my workstation, and it does send the login cookie to both, and

    You might try logging out and logging back in, although I must admit that this is a bit grasping at straws. Make sure you log in to The regular http server is catholic when it comes to "" versus "", but it should really be, and this might be the problem.

  95. Hi,

    My country Egypt is not listed in the Subscription ountry field when trying to subscribe by cards as paypal also in not dealing with Egypt, Please advise what to do?

    Please reply also to my e-mail

  96. I ordered my new subscription but did not get the 18 months. Could you please check on this. Thanks...
  97. I bought my D50 with the advice of this forum - several postings worth of advice. Now I'm selling my SLR in the classifieds. It was time to subscribe. Thanks for all the great photographs that I hope I eventually learn from and for the community. Kit
  98. Just to follow up, the website won't let me logout of I get thrown to the index page but the "My Workspace" still shows up. Though, "" doesn't seem to know about me (as your post suggested).


    I'm sure if I manually hunted down the cookie I could delete it and solve all these problems, but as it isn't really an issue for my usability of this site I prolly won't unless you'd like me to do so to further help debug the issue.
  99. J. Possibly, that cookie that won't be deleted is the problem also with the https server. I suggest deleting it, then logging in on, and then trying the https server again. Please make a note of what or cookies you have to delete.
  100. Okay, I believe I've found it. The cookie was ad_user_login and was for "".

    After I deleted this cookie I was automagically logged out. After logging back in the cookie did not appear again. And I was able to log out normally (via 'Logout' button). Also, after logging in the credit-card links worked correctly.

    I'm not familiar enough with Firefox to figure out how to re-insert this cookie (I saved a copy of cookie.txt, but apparently it doesn't read from this file). If it would continue to be helpful, I can spend some time to recreate that cookie to see if I can reproduce these results for you. Though, I imagine you have enough info to solve the problem already. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.
  101. Brian,

    I'm in Spain. As I complete this year PayPal limits y tried a Visa (Electron) debit card, which is Ok when I buy in Ritzcam, or Pacific Rim. Well: doesn't wark with

    Then a tried a Gold Visa I have (with credit enough): Nothing!

    A friend of mine came to me and we tried yesterday to pay with his Master Card: Nothing.

    I want carry on collaborating with with out lose my Patron Icon. What can I do?
  102. Thanks for the discovery about the cookie. You must have been logged in for a very long time because I don't think we have issued the ad_user_login for a very long time. It was changed to photonet_login. As a transitional measure, the regular http server would accept the ad_user_login cookie also. In your case, this "transition" has been over a year. But the https server only accepts the photonet_login cookie. So even though you were logged in on the regular server you weren't logged in on the secure server.
  103. Luis, all but one of the failures on your card were because you entered the number with spaces. I know this is the way it is embossed on the card, but you can't put spaces in the number. The code should remove them, because you aren't the only one who has gotten caught by this. But right now it doesn't.

    One time, probably with your friend's card, you entered it without the spaces, and there was a different error message. Perhaps you did not notice this. The error message was that you needed a valid "state" code. This means that for Spain, as with many other countries, you have to enter something into the field labelled "State/Province/Region/County".

    So, try it without spaces in the Card Number and a State/Province/Region/County.
  104. Wow. Good for you. I scored this time!

    Yhanks a lot Brian.
  105. In the drop down list of the countries I can't find Serbia & Montenegro. This is former Yugoslavia and my state is Montenegro, but those two don't appear too. I tried to click on the nearest country but, as I expected, my credit card was refused. What should I do now?
  106. THe list isn't complete, although it does probably cover 95% or more of members. The best coverage is of English-speaking countries, North America, Western Europe and the European Community, and the Far East.

    Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America are more sparsely covered. The payment processing concern is working on expanding their list.

    On countries formerly part of Yugoslavia, some people have reported that their card was accepted even if they picked the "next" country. For example, Slovenia has worked for members from Bosnia and Croatia.
    I don't know if that will work for Serbia and Montenegro.
  107. Fabulous development, Brian. Renewal has never been easier, thanks for the bonus months.
  108. I seem to belong to that small group of people who are not able to pay, no matter what I've tried so far. I always end up with one of the following messages: "The credit card entered is either not a valid credit card, or does not match the credit card type in the CardType field" or "If you are using the sandbox this special case is provided for your testing. If you are not on the sandbox do not use Credit Card numbers which start with zero."
    The card is definitely a valid one and is of the type mentioned in the Card Type field, so what do I do wrong? I do want to sign up, but I no longer know what to do next...
  109. I recently subscribed via PayPal, but applaud the extension to be able to subscribe in additional ways. This is a valuable resource, a wonderful site, and a great group. If you have not already subscribed, this is yet another way!
  110. Ilse, from the logs, I see two problems. First, you are entering "----" for the Card Verification Value. That is almost certainly wrong. Unless you have a very old card, your card has a three digit Card Verification Value on the back. If it doesn't, which is unlikely, then just leave the field blank. Don't enter "-----".

    Also, I am almost certain that you are not entering a valid credit card number. Master Card numbers are 16 digits and always start with "51" to "55". You seem to be entering numbers that are shorter and start with "0".

    For those who might who have noticed that I seem to know more about these transactions than is consistent with the statement on the Payment page that we are not making a record of the credit card details: that is partly true. While we aren't putting the details in our database, the server is currently logging the transactions in a log file. This is for troubleshooting purposes during the initial weeks of this new system. The log files are encrypted, however, and only I know the password for the decryption key. Also, the logs are only retained for 48 hours. Once the initial deployment phase is over in two more weeks, we will stop logging the credit card numbers. At that point, we will literally be not making any record, even temporary, of the credit card numbers.
  111. Apparently my fault... Had a new go at it and third time seemed to be the good one! Thanks! I'm in now!
  112. opc


    I subscribed days ago. The charge is on my card. Yet, I am not shown as a subcriber.
  113. I know this is going to sound like I'm preaching to the choir, but I renewed a few days ago with your 36-month special offer and forgot (!) that I had renewed for 36 months just this past June. When I logged on today and saw that my membership was good until 2012 I had to re-check my renewal record. Anyway, if you break it down, that's just 0.05 per day - A NICKEL A DAY!! Where else can you find a resource like this for that price??? Do you know of any other magazine or web site with as much information all in one place? Come on people - become a member!!! Encourage your photographer friends to join! Even with the bumps, this is a fantastic resource!!! (sorry, I got a little excited...) --Rich
  114. Hi, Brian! My subscription expires 26 june 2006. Can I renew it from that date to?
  115. Sure, you can always buy extra time for a subscription. If the subscription hasn't yet expired, the extra time just gets tacked onto the end. If you had a subscription and it expired, you basically get a new subscription starting on the day the payment is processed. If there hasn't been too big a gap, you will keep your original "Subscriber Since" date, although not much is made of that at present.
  116. Thanks. :)
  117. I just subscrided, feels great, thank you!
  118. Brian,
    I think I accidently doubled up on a 3 year subscription. Could you please reduce that back to just one payment of $68?
  119. Hello,
    I am from Indonesia. It happens that either paypal nor creditcards won't receive payment from my country. Any solutions?

    Best regards,
  120. Count me in! Way to go PN! From what I've learned from this site recently its money well spent! Keep up the good work guys!
  121. I would like to become a member of However, I live in the Bahamas and the Bahamas is not listed as one of the countries in the drop down list of countries on the credit card payment screen. If the Bahamas can be added to the list, I would sign up immediately.
  122. i have also tried to creat the account today but at the end of the process the system did not except my card as my country Qatar is not in the list.i do hope it will get added to the system soon please ,and thank you very much .
  123. I've just subscribed from Canada, and it worked perfectly the first time.

    Subscription renewal also showed immediately, including the free extension.


  124. Brian,

    I don't know what for mistake I've been charged twice. Hope you'll renove for 2 years :)
  125. Yes! Finally. I really hate paypal and have been waiting years (since '97!) for to take
    real credit cards. I'm glad to help out and it's long overdue. I think should still be
    free for non-members to post and even upload a few photos. Those wankers over at lost me when they abruptly cut all non-member viewing access to galleries.
    Some really good things are happening at Glad to pony up the money for the
    finest online photo site.
  126. I have renewed my subscription too. I have no problems with Paypal by the way. However I
    cannot help wondering why I pay a fee to answer questions from people who have not
  127. You don't have to Ferdi, just answer the questions of paying members if its a problem to you!
  128. I've been a member for while (circa 2000) and have benefitted greatly from this site even earlier before that.

    I'm a big fan of Philip Greenspun and have actually distributed his web-publishing book in classes I have taught.

    However, I was initially put-off when this place became subscription based, especially in light of Greenspun's open source mentality. But, alas, I'm aware those concepts are not truly the same, and the reality is nothing (worthwhile) is free - domains require registration fees, processors need upgrading, good software ain't cheap, and hard drives need replacing - so I've overcome my hesitation to fund this place which has been my photographic home for a while now. I've learned more from Philip's "How-To" pages and the community contributions than all of my photo books combined - and I have A LOT of photo books.

    So, Brian, before I actually subscribe, do you have a lifetime subscription option? I noticed somebody above who purchased two 3-year renewals (equating to 9 years of subscriptions?), which is something I'm considering doing but I thought I'd ask first before committing.

    Thank you.
  129. I'll add a lifetime (100 years) subscription for $200.00, which is less than 3 3-year subscriptions.
  130. Cool. If you're serious, I'll just do that option.

    Best regards,
  131. The deed is done!

    I also noticed that the lifetime membership was good for 150 years! Pretty kewwwwwlllll. Good thing too, since medicine is making strives every year. =P

    So am I the first " Lifer?"
  132. Congratulations. Yup, you're the first. It's really a life membership. Right now, the system doesn't understand life memberships; so in 150 years it will ask you to renew. Let me know when that happens, and I will tack on some more time.
  133. LOL! Thanks Brian.

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