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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by AlanKlein, Jun 18, 2022.

  1. When I select the link on my Samsung S7 Galaxy cellphone (Android), it keeps repeating the page opening every two seconds. This doesn't happen on my desktop. It opens normally, once.

    Any solutions?
  2. I don't have this problem on my Samsung/Android phone but I did track down this article which explains why Android might be reloading the page and some solutions.
  3. Thanks, Mike. I'm afraid to clean out the cache or at least try to do it and then screw up my phone. is the only site I have this problem. No other site repeats the reload of it, only PN. And only on my Android cellphone. I"d like to hear from the Administrator if they know of any issues and fixes regarding this problem?
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    I am not a phone guy, so haven't an idea I can share. The talk so far has been of modernizing, Best I can offer is wait & see, and in the interim use the method that works.
  5. Thanks, Sandy. I'll have to only use my desktop for now for PN.
  6. Alan, you might try going directly to the log in page and try logging in again. About every two weeks or so my on Firefox keeps reloading the forum page and this always works for me.
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    @AlanKlein you would be shocked at the amount of cached and stored rubbish phones accumulate. There is little fear of losing anything except your browser links--and it's one you can skip as well. But really, the browser cache is the biggest bloat offender of all...

    You can manually clear certain app's stores via Settings|Apps & Notifications and then drill down. The easiest way is to download an app from the Google Play Store such as:

    Try it, and check out some others as well. The "Pro" version sells for USD2.99 at the Store.
  8. Thanks Mike. I think that fixed the problem. I logged out on my desktop and then went to the main page not the New Post link I usually go to on my cell phone. I logged in and now it doesn't repeat. Thanks, everyone for your help.
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  9. This happens every so often with my android samsung phone. I have to log out and log in again to fix it.
  10. I hope nothing else is doing the same thing. I ran out of data allowance last month and I can't account for that.
  11. I have the same issue with my Firefox on my Mac. The site also forces the download of some sort of HTML file most of the time when I do get it to settle down by refreshing a dozen times or so. I encounter this nowhere else and it baffles me. Logging out and logging back in has no effect whatsoever, nor some clearing the cache. It has been doing this for the past year or so and on two entirely different computers. Someone once suggested to me that it had to do with some ad-blocker set up I run, but...
  12. Clear the web cache
  13. How do you do that on a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone? What else will it wipe out such as all my passwords? bookmarks?
  14. Here's the recommended steps for clearing your Samsung cache:

    Clearing the Cache on the Samsung S7 is a Manual Process.
    1. Navigate to the smartphone's settings.
    2. Navigate to the “Applications” section of the menu.
    3. Select the desired program from the drop-down menu.
    4. Open the menu item labeled “Memory.”
    5. To clear the cache, click on the “Clear cache” button.
    6. Delete the cache.
    You may find your browser also holds useless stuff. It does tend to perk up my iPhone performance though you'll lose some passwords etc. Just enter them again.

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