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  1. 1. Photo Net Gallery View Shows Dupes (Dupes Not found in all photos/portfolio view) I suspect this might be due to having marked the original image as a featured photo, deleting it from primary view (photos in portfolio view), without having removed it from featured photo status, and then uploading it again. See dupes in gallery view screen capture below:
    2. Featured photos shows images that have been deleted previously. Links from them are erroneous and take you to a user profile (not mine). May also be due to having marked these as Featured and deleted from main portfolio page. Should be a way to delete orphaned/widowed images in all views once deleted from main portfolio GallerySort-Shows-Duplicates.jpg page.

    Screen capture shows duplicates remaining:
  2. Does signing out and signing back in have any effect?
  3. Does nothing. Has existed for a while. Clearing the browser cache does nothing either.

    Here's what happens when you click on one of the widowed images (HTTP 404):

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    Thank you for reporting - I will add to our Sprint.
  5. is this fixed? a rouge query was referencing deleted photos it shouldn't have, we should have this fixed, thanks!
  6. If people would just post the images in reduced form to itself, rather than to external links, a lot of the problems would go away.
  7. Is this like when Marlene Dietrich, after applying her makeup, would ask if her cheekbones looked high enough? :rolleyes: :)

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