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  1. Need a good photo lab in NYC or Hudson Valley.
  2. Actually , I have the same question.
  3. I've used Duggal in the photo district. They were one of the biggies but it's been a dozen years ago. New York used to be full of good labs. I'm sure there aren't as many as there were, but this is the one place where you should still find several rather than just one or none.
  4. I've used LTI Lightside in Manhattan.
  5. Duggal

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video
  6. My New York gallery (Winston Wachter Fine Art) recommended Baboo a few years back and I've used them until recently when one of their acrylic-dibond photographs spontaneously began to fall apart. How they've responded has been disappointing in the extreme. Though they pretended to be concerned in the beginning and said they wanted to go look at the piece, after they did that they disappeared. They stopped returning calls to my gallery and have not responded to my attempts to contact them directly. I now feel like a fool for giving them years of business that they clearly don't value. Even more troubling is that they seem to clearly be propping up their online ratings (in the wake of honest reviews I have posted about this experience) with reviews that are shills. I no longer think that the owners of Baboo are professional nor the "experts" they claim to be. I wanted to post about my experience here to be sure that other know about it so they can make their own decisions if they want to deal with a tremendous hassle if anything goes wrong with their order, which is usually when the true quality of a business is revealed.
  7. I also used baboo until work became shoddy and attitude of staff turned arrogant. Since in my case time is not that important and mail is convenient, I use Dale Labs in Hollywood, Fl on recommendation of my daughter. They are polite, work is very good and they are attentive to detail.
  8. Who would you recommend for photo prints now?
  9. Alan, you might take a look at Cone Editions for prints.

    Welcome to Cone Editions
  10. Try Bleeker Digital for processing and Printique (formerly called Adorama) for printing.

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