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  1. I've been looking at the various photo hosting websites out there (smugmug, photoshelter, phanfare, zenfolio) and it seems none offer a good way for clients to collaborate and modify their folders. i want to post client photos primarily to allow them to share with family, buy prints/gifts and simply as a means of marketing (they share and the word gets out).
    the problem is they may want to delete a few pictures before sharing. and if they have to tell me about it, they probably won't bother and won't share. and even if they tell me about it, it'll be a pain to tend to each client's folders.
    smugmug doesn't offer the ability at all. i'm not sure about zenfolio. one rep said phanfare supposedly will allow viewers to modify a password protected folder (with the password of course), but that means anyone they share with will also be able to modify the folder. on the other hand another rep disputed this and apparently the trial is limited and i can't test this out. sharing a site link sends me to some table of contents bar with no albums. it seems there are several things i can't actually test out in their trial.
    photoshelter will allow clients to collaborate using their "lightbox" tool which could be useful for having them select and arrange photos for a slideshow or other product. but they cannot delete, modify and/or change organization in the gallery. so if they make some change in the lightbox, i need to manually go to the gallery and make those changes myself. and the lightbox itself seems more complicated than it should be. anything that takes more than a minute or a short template email to explain to my client i consider complicated. it's a shame cuz photoshelter seems to have lots of great features aside from this. on the other hand, their storage is limited despite costing more than other companies ($50/mo).
    ideally, i should be able to customize who can modify the folder and who cannot. if i share with someone, they should be able to view AND modify, while anybody my client shares the link with should only be able view. at the very least, my client should be able to modify with a password (and if necessary i can turn off the password when they're done and thereby disable further modifications. but that's not ideal).
  2. I know with zenfolio you can add photos to your favorites and send only those to someone.

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