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  1. I am traveling to Jasper/Banff, Canada in July 2017 and wanted to possibly use a photo guide for a day or half day sunrise+ session. Can be part of a group or individual if price is right. Does anybody have a recommendation ? I have started to poke around online for some possibilities, but most multi-day tours. Thanks.
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    If you have a car, I don't think you need a guide. You need to spend an hour or two looking at online photographs then pinpoint them on a map. I visited both Banff and Jasper for the only time in 1999 and was active from day 1 just relying on guidebooks/tour sites and decent maps. Its so much easier today with all those online images.
  3. Thanks David. I plan on doing plenty of exploring and photographing on my own - - with little sleep and am accustomed to that. However, I wanted to have a guide recommendation in my pocket in case I determine, it would be useful to find some more less traveled spots and to make sure I am in the right spot at right time for some sunrises. I have already amassed a great deal of material online and will plot out the "must sees" and "may sees" if time. I will likely take the "photo tour" to Spirit Island, as I have read some positive things about that, including that it simply gives you more time on the island to photograph. I will also likely purchase the e-book(s) I have read good things about, written by a photographer who's name escapes me at the moment.
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    I suspect the photographer might be Darwin Wiggett? And if it isn't you might want to add him to your list. He runs tours also, though whether he'd be close by on the mornings you want is uncertain. Best of luck.
  5. Yes, he is the one I was thinking of. Thanks again.
  6. Go to Darwin Wiggett's web site and buy his ebooks for the parks you want to visit. He lays out and describes the photo ops by mileage points along the highways you will be taking. Read over what you can see and then decide on what spots you want to stop at, at what time, etc.

    My one general recommendation is to take the old highway from Banff to Lake Louise. That could take you all day based on the stops you make. And I would allow for a lot of days in Jasper.
  7. Thanks Joe. I assume your recommendation to take the "old highway" is based on scenic photo ops ?
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    Jasper is going to be a blend of Mountains, large wildlife, and wildflowers. The answer is you need a little of everything.
  9. Adam, Yes, the old highway is mostly for scenic shots along its route or at certain exits where you have quick access to rivers. You man see some animals, but these are easier to see in other places. In Jasper, my favorite place was Mt. Edith Cavel and its two glaciers. I would check out what the current situation is at this location as I recall reading that a few years ago, some part of the glacier fell into the lake. Along Icefields Parkway, sunrises can be amazing at Bow Lake. Get off the parkway and drive to the lakefront.
  10. I also recommend getting Darwin Wiggett's guide book. Another good source is the Photography America Newsletters.
    Photograph America Newsletter on the Canadian Rockies
    A bit of a warning, this is the 150th anniversary of the Park system in Canada and they have been giving away free passes since last year. So it will be busier than usual.
    If you have not booked accommodations you should ASAP or you may be sleeping in your car.
  11. I signed into the online site, Fripito, for information on a forthcoming trip (photo excursion). The information is quite detailed, including suggested routes, vacant tripod holes, and excellent examples. Fripito has a guide to Western Canada, which includes Banff.
  12. Thanks again for all the above advice. I purchased Darwin's Jasper e-book and it will be useful and inspirational. I am considering purchasing both the Icefields Parkway and Banff editions, but am concerned there will be a fair amount of overlap between the three books. I emailed Darwin to inquire but haven't heard back. Can anyone respond to my concern? Thanks.
  13. Get all of the books for all of the areas you are going to. I am not sure what you mean by overlap; each area is pretty different.
  14. Thanks. I just meant I didn't want to see duplication between the two e-books, where the same photo location is included in both.

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