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  1. I usually shoot wedding/Pre wedding/event
    But, I just got an enquiry of shoot a series photo for a shop (slimming center)
    What they need is shoot the shop, how they service, and also the machine that they have.
    The tools that I have is
    D300, Nikkor 17-55, Nikkor 85 F1.8, Nikkor 50mm F1.8, Nikkor 80-200 F2.8, SB800 and also a steady tripod
    I have no experience of such type of photography,
    I do not know what else that I should prepare for shooting in such environment
    Do I need more flash? or studio light?or umbrella?
    Any advice of my assignment?
  2. You're on the right track about the lighting. That will be critical. I would look at some mono-lights and modifiers. Also, I think you will wnat a wider lens for doing the interiors.
  3. You may indeed need a wider lens. But before you go down that road, you need to scout the location, see it at the time of day you'll be shooting (because of window light considerations), and most importantly: get some art direction from the person who will be putting the images to work.

    Is this for a web site? Print material? You need some compositional guidance so that you know if they're looking for wide, sprawling shots that will sit, landscape-style, above or behind horizontally designed material... or whether the images might be used in a skinny, tall, columnar ad in a newspaper or a skyscraper-format web ad.

    And... what are they trying to communicate with these images? Is it all about their new equipment, and how advanced they are? Is it about the light, airy, friendly atmosphere... or the young, hip, techno-club feel of the placed? You need to understand why they need the images and how they'll be used, in order to know what you'll be shooting. And what you'll be shooting (and when, and how) will dictate whether you need to completely provide the light, or simply fill a bit ... and whether you must have a space-making ultrawide, or whether you'll be shooting down a hallway for a flattened perspective shot of some equipment with people around it.

    Light is critical, but buying the wrong gear (an umbrella might be a big mistake, if you're trying to keep light under control - or might be perfect, if you're trying to really brighten things up) could be a show stopper. So, start by doing the most important part of the job: storyboard the use of the images, and scout. A lot will fall into place once you've done those two tasks.
  4. If it's a slimming centre you'll definitely need a wider lens...
    William :)

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