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  1. I remember years ago in the film days I used to go to photo flea markets, mostly just for kicks but sometimes I'd buy stuff. But since the digital tidal wave hit I never saw another one again. I don't know if it was because I wasn't looking for them or they just weren't around anymore. So my question is are photo flea markets still held anymore or did they just come to an end 20 years ago? Old digital means obsolete. Old analog means vintage, classic, retro, etc... I don't expect to see digital flea markets but with this renewed film gear interest maybe there's something out there. It's just more fun to see gear right in front of you instead of looking at photos of gear on a screen.
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    Search F Stop Swap - bought a lot of great film era stuff at their shows in past years long after digital was well established. I have seen ads for several others, but can't recall names.
  3. Due to pandemic wave I haven't seen any kind of fleamarket for a year.
    According to Fotoclub Darmstadt's homepage they are determined to hold another event, when postpandemically permitted. Usually 2x per year.
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  4. Likewise, there are normally some in France, at least one per region (the old regions, not the silly new ones), per year, with maybe one per month in Paris.

    But all cancelled due to Covid until further notice.
  5. Pre-2020, they were a big deal around Toronto where the Photographic Historical Society of Canada(PHSC, 2 big fairs annually. Usually 100+ tables.Though shorted-dated and expired film material stocks have mostly dried up now, the fairs were once the place to score bargains. Often tons of darkroom gear, light stands, tripods. Cameras and lenses were the usual assortment of junk and jewels. Lots of fun for a small ticket price.Hoping they return but don't expect that to happen this year.
  6. I remember them from long ago but haven't seen one around Upstate NY in decades.
  7. They've declined in number over the past 20 years, but a large camera fair was held locally 3 times a year until it was stopped by the pandemic a year ago. Hopefully it'll be back in the near future.

    Nationally there were 3 or 4 major ones held annually or bi-annually in the UK. With many small traders working from weekly or monthly market stalls also, pre-Covid.

    Having said that, I suspect that many of the regular dealers will have moved to online sales, or are buying and selling through auction houses. Although the steep (greedy and extortionate!) commission charged by many auction rooms will hopefully put a stop to that once pandemic restrictions are lifted.
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