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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by vitor_fioravanti, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone i ve been a member for awhile here in the Photonet, but never contributed that much \0/ so in the last few months photography has been really growing on to the point that i might actually consider maybe somewhere along the line try to make as a living ( or try anyway...)
    nevertheless lately i have been working in a personal project and just created a new website( is pretty simple really and still under construction)
    so just as u guys some honest and constructive critiques about my pics ( not the website i know is pretty basic and i m working on it ;)

    well anyway thanks in advance to all !

    cheers Vitor
  2. Vitor, photos are best critiqued in the critique forum here. You mentioned contribution to the site. I find that the more I contribute, the more I get back. So I critique other people's work and get some good critiques in return.

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