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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by steve g, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Greetings<br>
    I have been looking around for a while to find a nice site for
    self-publishing small runs of photo books. After almost getting one
    printed through, it became clear their books weren't
    really intended for such things. I have now found and am
    awaiting delivery of my first print. Just thought I would let others
    know, as its nice to put a little book together as a gift as much as
    it is to make a good print. It is the sort of site you can order a
    single book, or handful, dozens, 100s. Also, you can set it up so
    others can purchase your book through the site, at no cost/fee to the
    author. Additionally you can do stuff like calendars and
    more.<br><br>Whether unfortunate or not, I find most people are far
    more willing to pay for a book over a print, and more appreciative of
    it as a gift.<br><br>Worth looking into if you are interested. Also,
    has anyone else had experience with or any other company of
    this sort?
  2. Thanks for the information. Let us know how it looks once you have it in hand.
  3. Oh and I found out about this site because I guess rangefinderforum is making a book using them...according to my friend. Could be something of interest here. Either way, I will report back when I get it.
  4. OK, I can report that the B&W standard service is unacceptable for use as a photobook. I will now have to test their color service to see if the image quality is higher, and then try their ISBN Plus Service to test its image quality.<br><br>
    The cover paper/image quality was fantastic, it is just the inner paper that was lacking. Not quite glossy enough for proper photobook use.<br><br>I also did a calendar through them which should be in my hands by friday. I will report back on the quality of the calendar ASAP.
  5. The calendar was decent quality, and having the book printed on color paper while more expensive did give reasonable photo quality. Only problem was that B&W images had a color cast. The color cast was uniform, but would have prefered to not have it at all.
  6. Thanks, Stephen.

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