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  1. I am in the UK and I sometimes create albums for social events for friends and family etc. I generally get the photos printed and stick them in a reasonable conventional album which costs about £70. I am thinking about more sophisticated composite pictures.

    The problem is that the photobooks seem rather basic, not as good as what I do at the moment, but the professional albums seem expensive. I am also a bit worried about something going wrong with producing them which would be an expensive mistake. There is not much in the middle say around £100 to £150 budget and reasonable quality. I maybe could create the composites in something like photojunction, print them and then get them bound somehow. Does anyone have any ideas please? Remember I am in the UK so USA based options are probably not that useful to me.
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    I am not sure if you have two goals or one: and if only one goal which is it: a more sophisticated "albums" (physical albums); or more sophisticated "composite pictures"?

    If "composite pictures" is your goal and you do not require more than the conventional albums that you use, then why not simply extend your creativity in the Digital Darkroom and produce Picture Stories and Photo Montages and continue to use a reasonable conventional album?

    Different examples of a basic and more complex Montage, one from a Theme 21st and the other from a traditional style Wedding:




    A similar technique can be used to create a Montage more for the purpose of an historic record, too, for example if your "Events" included a noteable milestone for a Company or Organization, but in this case a (still existing) record breaking swim:



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