Photax 2x on Meyer Oreston, Praktica Nova IB

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  1. Yesterday, I went across to the same suburban retail center, [Southwest Bangalore] as I did last week. This time I used a Photax 2x Converter on the Oreston lens. I tried to keep the basic tonal range within about four. I think the results are better. I had tried the same Converter on the CZJ Tessar lens. It focused well in the center; but the OOF areas were a bit confused. The combination with Oreston is a lot better; I think it is quite sharp too and seems to raise good tones.

    The pictures were made with a tripod [Vivitar 3600] at 1/30 sec and 1/60sec with F-stops at f/8.0 and f/11 depending on the shaded scene or the sunlit one. The film is the new Silver Plus 125 ASA made in Delhi. The pictures tell the story better than I can, this time. Here are some samples.
  2. New prime movers are being tried; Bangalore makes an electric car named Reva ; does about 170 kms per charge. A small layer of ecologically conscious customers use them for local trips.
  3. Smaller software businesses have opened retail outlests in this area. Note the many multi-national brands.
  4. This area was forest land a few decades ago. Most trees are gone; to regain some greenery the forest department uses hybrid Eucalyptus, both blue gum and red gum. They grow fast but yield no oil. Some ecologists feel that the fast growth depletes ground water!
  5. Business still clusters around cross roads and T-junctions causing serious traffic problems and accidents.
  6. Helmets are on again! every two years they seem to change the policy on helmets and their requirement per mandate. Perhaps, that policy is influenced by the helmet manufacturers!
  7. Business intensity is quite high here; one could measure and develop an index on a per square foot of facade area.
  8. The three wheelers are common middle class cabs; they may face a challenge from the new Nano car by Tata, soon.
  9. These cabs still do some bargaining, though they have mandatory electronic meters.
  10. Pedestrians are still quite complacent about safety. Road rage is relatively absent, compared to the US, despite the chaotic traffic. One serious Yoga teacher from California was surprised at the three wheeler drivers' calm and exclaimed " I have a lot to learn from them about stress control".
  11. Many consider the road as a walkable path!
  12. One sees more younger shoppers these days!
  13. This tele-converter is coming good; lesson learnt is "don't throw away a converter if it does not work with one may work well with another". Witk my Tessar it was so-so; with the Oreston it seems good!
  14. Finally, tried a light and shade shot.
  15. SP,
    It looks like you found yourself a good combination of lens and TC. Your photos are razor sharp. Thanks for sharing once again. Your neighbourhood is always so interesting and seems to have a lot going on all of the time. Is it just as busy at night? When do the sidewalk vendors close up shop?
  16. Thanks Stuart; the vendors close down by late evening around 8:00 p.m plus in all suburban areas. In the central city Bazaar, however, they work round the clock. The night time work is more focused on unpacking big wholesale parcels and cleaning up for the next day. Not much retailing at night. Regards, sp.
  17. Very, very impressive, Subbarayan. I've always had a soft spot for both the Oreston and Photax lenses, much under-rated products, in my opinion.
    I think that your genius was in using a tripod - nothing adds to quality like a rock steady support.
    Do you have any contact details for the film manufacturer?
  18. HP thank you; the film carton says, "Film imported and converted by Nova Foto Film Co . A-19, DDA Shed, Okhla Indutrail Area, Phase Two, New Delhi -110020".
    It retails for something like BP 4.50 for Ten rolls of 36 exp. in a pack. If you are interested I can send you a Ten pack by Air Mail. I think the postage would cost about BP 2.00. Let me know. Regards, sp.
  19. HP, here is a shot of the carton.
  20. Very impressed Sabbarayan, great pictures. Is that SilverPlus good for scanning? Does it curle? I like Praktica Nova, but it is so noisy :) remembering last 4 threads.
  21. Thanks KP; this film has a stiffer Mylar [I think] base than the Chinese Lucky SHD100. No, it does not curl while scanning. But it is not as stiff as a Kodak film. So during loading it in the developer reel one has to be a bit careful. The only low noise cameras that I have are the Feds. All others are noisy; but the noise does not bother me; it is kind of natural, indicates that you have finished a frame! Regards, sp.
  22. Great. A pleasure to see this as one of the first since an "inland hurricane" hit us here with 106 mph winds (that's something like 170 kph in real numbers). All power out since Friday las week, and I'm now in the local coffee shop that has free wireless.
    even so, at least the thing hit in our usually very short "spring' so neither too hot or cold. It's certainly cooler than Bangalore right now. Nice shots. Wish I could get some of the SilverPlus here, looks very suitable for the Prakticas et al.
  23. JDM, nice to hear from you after a pause. I hope the homes are all safe. Please do send me your home mailing address. I shall send you a couple of rolls to try out. Yes, I am beginning to get used to the film and liking it. Take care; thanks again. Best regards, sp.
  24. Subbarayan,
    FEDs are indeed low noise. Surprisingly both my FEDs are qiueter than my Zorki 3, albeight the sound of Zorki is different. But my Prkaktica Super TL sounds like a cricket bat ( I watched this srange game once on TV). Does not bother me but makes some people turn around, espessialy it I have J-9 attached.
  25. Yes KP, I do have a couple of zorki 4Ks. They have a rack and pinion type of film advance and cranking the shutter. They make a big racquet compared to the quiet advance in the Feds. I watched the price of Feds going up recently to the level of Leicas [or even more] of the same type and vintage! Strange happenings! People who used to put down DDR and Soviet products are now clamoring for the same. Of course, the supply is also depleting. Regards, sp.
  26. These shots are beautiful! Looks like a great place to live and shoot!
  27. Great pics SP! Love the stories behind them too. When I was a kid we had a stand of tall eucalyptus trees, not sure what kind though, but your picture brings back fond memories. Thanks!
  28. Really nice street photography with great narrative. Isn't oreston great SP, i am surely enjoying mine.
  29. Thanks Adam; I am glad that you liked these.
    Al, the Eucalyptus is grown extensively in the mountains of Southern India. It yields a lot of aromatic oils. They are used in medicines, cough drops, pain balms and the like. The ones that grow in the plains are dry hybrids. They don't yield oil. Their leaves can be burned for smoking away the mosquitoes in the garden yards, though.
    Ralf, thanks; for long years, since 1970, I used only the Oreston on my Exakta RTL 1000, with very good results. I had no other 50mm lens. In those days, and until very recently, most people looked down upon the Oreston/Pentacon lens for no reason other than the prejudice that it was made in DDR! That is changing very fast now. I really enjoy its tonal characteristics as well as the sharpness. Regards, sp.

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