Phone Phriday October 4, 2022

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  1. 0013P&M Irreverente Calzones Shorts Pantalón Corto Bandera AMERICANA-HPS2019.jpg Huawei P Smart ​
  2. Happy little snake living in our garage wall -
  3. Incredible, great capture
  4. D6323799-9E01-4E13-997B-1CBAA75BEB66.jpeg
  5. iPhone 11 Max Pro Fone-Friday.jpeg
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  6. Covid and the great heat it is leaving our minds a little crazy: But what about October 4?

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  7. This week's Phone Friday is awesome! Every picture is one of a kind.


    iPhone 8
  8. IMG_6714.jpg

    iPhone 12 Pro with Prosumer macro lens
  9. Come back more often. You’ll be surprised how good we are :)
  10. After this summer I wish it was Oct. 4!
  11. Here’s another from this same show: Govt. Mule at Hershey Theater (Govt= government but they abbreviate it; Hershey as the chocolate).

    Warren Haynes has long been one of my favorite guitar players and his road crew was super chill, allowing me to come sit backstage and watch. This is a thing we don’t often get to do- so it was fun to work this show.

    I walked out front and watched/listened for a while (also very unusual as we aren’t often given free reign throughout the venue during performances) as well and took a handful of photos with my phone.

    The stage set was just the band and their backdrop; the lighting was simple too but well designed and very punchy- and no video which is almost unheard of any more.
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