Phone Phriday October 1, 2021

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  1. 00.jpg Huawei P Smart​
  2. iPhone 11 Max Pro Phone-Friday.jpg
  3. IMG_20200828_184552_3.jpg

    Redmi Note 3
  4. How does the Redmi compare to the iPhone?

    Great shot, btw
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  5. IPhone X

  6. Thank you, Ludmilla.

    Iphone is a more balanced all-rounder.
    Xiaomi performs good in day light, but its low light performance is not satisfactory.
    More noise and lens flare and lesser sharpness are observed in Xioami's low light pics.
    Xiaomi's ultra wide also has problems. Distortion is observed at the edges.

    The only exception may be zoomed-in shots. Xiaomi may fare better due to high resolution.
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  7. AC9E2873-77AC-4596-B1B9-CD9B27F1EA65.jpeg
    a few years ago with my iphone 5s
  8. phone_phriday_1001.jpg Brookside Gardens Conservatory ~ iPhone 12 Pro Max

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