Phone Phriday November 19, 2021

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  1. 0004P&M Niño Patinete Grandes Almacenes Tienda Ropa-HPS2019.jpg Huawei P Smart​
  2. iPhone 11 Mx Pro....Central Market in Austin, Texas Phone-Friday.jpg
  3. IMG_3345.jpg

    iPhone 12 Pro
  4. A few iPhone X photos before I unleash the iPhone 13 pro

    76827C8C-853D-4B8E-928B-B957908436A4.jpeg 1C65D862-7FE6-40C9-B7E5-529332FDBA83.jpeg
  5. It's at the old Pima County Courthouse, Tucson Az. The county offices have moved elsewhere, and this newly remodeled old courthouse is trying life as an exposition and local history center.
    The players here on the forecourt were from a local school, though anyone can join in.
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  6. phone_phriday_1119.jpg iPhone 12 Pro Max

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