Phone Phriday - Nov 17

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  1. "Dude, does this guy know where Phriday actually falls in the week?"

    Happy belated Phriday. :)

    For some reason I always like the juxtaposition you see in NYC of these huge expensive glossy adds on the sides of building adjacent to old worn out parking lots.

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  2. Backyard.

    Moto G4
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  3. Hi guys, detected them about phones mm.. - my weakness. Tell few words about cameras, just own opinion.
    I have never had "lovely" phone, but always tried to chose from cameraphones because I'm student and need to have quick focus and good quality of photos. This days the best result I seen were made by galaxy S8.
    12 MP camera with dual pixel technology + the bright F1.7 lens and large 1.4ยตm pixels gives more light when there's not enough around.

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  4. iPhone on steroids (full size)
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