Phone Phriday May 29, 2020

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  1. after three months, to cut the grass in the parks is a must.
    IMG_20200529_115833---a.jpg Huawei P Smart
  2. The park walkways are still being mowed around here
    Park walk 5-26-2020x1000.jpg
  3. Bit late posting this but shot on Phriday. On Phriday, I went to a local outlet of my mobile telecom provider (Vodafone) to upgrade my phone. I live in NL which has so-called 'íntelligent lockdown' measures' against the spread of COVID-19. Many measures are - in different phases - common to most European countries. But no distinction has ever been made between 'essential' and 'non-essential' stores in NL.
    and any chairs, surfaces, etc. touched by customers were thoroughly cleaned before the next customer was allowed entry to the store. In the store, the instruction for demo models and accessories was 'no touching'. Personally assigned staff members could present and demonstrate models. If any 'personal touch' was deemed necessary by customers, then these would also be thoroughly cleaned before the next customer entered the store.

    Compared to most other stores in NL, my first reaction was that Vodaphone was 'way over the top' stricter than necessary. My secondary reaction was that I was really glad that Vodaphone had decided - as a policy- to minimize the risk of COCID-19 infections between customers and between customers and staff. So my initial frustration and irritation at Vodfone's store policy quickly morphed into appreciation of their policy of 'keeping customers (and staff) safe'.
  4. 5159B91E-387F-481E-98DE-5AF6423211AA.jpeg iPhone 11 Pro Max - Preparing this for a sale..

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