Phone Phriday May 14

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  1. From what I have seen, the first time someone came up with the Phone Phriday thread was in November 2015 and everyone could collaborate as they did not specify anything else. Now, with the new idea, the possibility of doing it is very limited. Not everyone has a garden with lettuces or a beautiful 1950s MG.
    I'm so sorry Andy. I will follow (if you don't mind) the principles of the original 2015 thread and collaborate with what the little I have. Thank you.

    looking through the bottom of the glass
    0001p&m Abstracto Culo Vaso Azul Círculos Redondo-SamsungGalaxyA40.jpg Samsung Galaxy A40
  2. Dutch tile purchased at Schipol airport. Hi Luis, as I understand this site hasbeen an orphan of sorts like n open free for all.
  3. Seen on a local trail still open
    shine brightx1000.jpg
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  4. 3E67EA10-62C1-497D-9589-8879FA69DC5E.jpeg iPhone 7+
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