Phone Phriday March 12, 2021

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  1. want a coffee?
    IMG_20210301_162239---P&M.jpg Huawei P Smart
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  2. Enjoying the late Winter sun
    p&p 3-11-2021x1000.jpg
  3. iPhone 11 pro
    IMG_6134 Acadia ice fall x1500.jpg
  4. Looks like a Lunar landing by tourists after terraforming.
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  5. iPhone 7+ 34FFB2F9-904D-4C71-BBE6-7ECC7D9D9C4F.jpeg A little toasty...
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  6. I took my photo in my 2021 Honda. Just a bit of curiosity... What kind of car was the subject of yours?
  7. ‘06 Cadi STS.

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