Phone Phriday - Mar 25

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  1. It's never too early to start celebrating Phriday. Ok, maybe it's too early sometimes, but Thursday night is fine!
    Awesome stuff last week! It's really cool to see these little wonder-devices in our pockets being put to creative use.
    Yet another NYC sunset... On the one hand it's sort of boring that I keep taking the same photo. On the other hand, Nature's been killing it.
    One cool thing you may note if you look at this one vs. prior shots is that the sun is noticeably marching north - this is the first sunset of the year that I could snap from a west-facing window rather than a south-facing window. (For non-New Yorkers, by "west" I mean northwest and by "south" I mean southwest: as befits our general attitude about our city's place in the world, we judge direction by the orientation of Manhattan, not the orientation of the planet :).
    One more comment: Apple's in-camera HDR is really good, at least for the limited application I use it for. I have generally not been a big fan of most post-process HDR I've seen because it tends to look (to me) way beyond reality. But the in-camera HDR on this thing does a really good job of capturing the impression I get from standing here viewing the sunset in person. YMMV, of course.
  2. Spring snowfall 1
  3. Spring snowfall 2
  4. I agree, Peter. The HDR does a good rendering of both the sunset and the buildings facing away from the sun. Nice cityscape.
  5. Aerial of medical U.
  6. Image resized
  7. Setting smart watch, Huawei Android, to be speakerphone for Nexus 6p
  8. Monument to science at organic garden

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