Phone Phriday - Mar 11

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  1. Happy Friday everyone!
  2. Pop art style image of Android watch having firmware updated
  3. Image attached
  4. Springtail "rafts" in woods. Springtails are tiny insect-like arthopods about 1mm x 3 mm. The cumulative are of these rafts in this puddle is about 6 ft^2. If the springtails were packed like sardines there would be about 200,000 individuals in this puddle, however, they are actually a teeming mass several springtail layers thick. Remarkably, there could be nearly a million in that 20 ft^2 puddle!
  5. A few from my weekend in New York City - All processed with Snapseed.
    Galaxy S4
  6. And another
    Galaxy S4

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