Phone Phriday - Jun 17

Discussion in 'Phone and Mobile' started by bnyc, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Happy Phriday everyone!
  2. Spiderwort with raindrops
    Galaxy S4 processed in Instagram
  3. Baltimore harbor panorama
    Galaxy S4 processed with both Snapseed and Lightroom Mobile
  4. Art deco design. I understand that the items date to 1930s
  5. Attached is image after resizing.
  6. One more time Sorry
  7. Window light...nice capture.
  8. Pre 1982 (copper) penny and 1982 or later (copper plated zinc) pennies removed from dog's stomach.
  9. " pennies removed from dog's stomach"
    What an interesting educational photo.
    My photo, is a furry friend, waiting in eager anticipation for him mum and dad to return.
  10. Allen, I'm always amazed when I see dogs waiting so patiently outside a store. My dogs would be going crazy out there.
    Re pennies: any foreign object can be a problem for a dog if eaten, however, copper plated pennies carry the additional and potentially significant risk of zinc toxicity.
  11. Coins of any type are deadly hazards to all forms of wild life. Do not throw them in fountains with fish or scatter for other 2 or 4 legged critters to consume. Use them for a refreshment! Bill

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