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  1. 0007p&m Seis Ancianos Espaldas-HPS2019.jpg Huawei P Smart (Croped picture)
  2. iPhone 11 Pro Max IMG_1704.jpg
  3. 6B5A4CC5-FAC1-440F-8FC2-E9034AA0F5D5.jpeg Looks like rain.
  4. Old one (1 july) but still relevant, I think. No political/personal influence intended by this post mask - mike.jpg . Just me on public transport.
  5. Spooky, Tom, very spooky
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  6. I agree with @Ludmilla. It's almost like a Gregory Crewdson scene (without any staging, props or people) where you just feel 'something's about to happen'. This is the kind of photo, I'd like to see in "critiques". For purists, maybe not technically perfect but it has a wonderful 'atmosphere' (foreboding) and some 'mysterious/unexplained' elements. I'm delighted to find a photo on this thread that's held my attention for so long!

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  7. I don’t think of myself as a purist, but I often notice how technique interacts with content, style, and other qualities of a photo in having an impact on me. Every viewer is ultimately affected by technical aspects of a photo, whether they know it or not. These things can play a subconscious as well as conscious role. It affected you enough to notice and mention it, and I don’t think of you as a purist either.
  8. ha ha yeah, I guess it is kind of spooky isn't it? Thanks for the comment, Ludmilla!

    Thanks, Mike! This was a quick phone pic, shot out the window of my car. I stopped because I couldn't bear to pass this up! I'm a little bummed it's so blown out that we can't read the words not the wall, but overall I do like the atmosphere and the shapes of everything, especially way the curves of the grass & driveway juxtapose against the angular structure of the church and outbuildings.

    I tried this in black and white but I felt it far more impactful as a color shot. I messed around with various crops as well and finally decided on the square. I think that expanse of negative space adds foreboding, and I sure do wonder what that eerie blue "light" is at the right!

    Being as it's not too awful far from home, on the way to some friends' house, I'll have to get back over there again look this over in daylight and see it again at night. Not sure I could pull this off again under any circumstances, tho it might be worthwhile to try it with the 500cm and some Ektar or Provia, both of which I have in the fridge.

    Thanks again for commenting. I'll take a look at Gregory Crewdson.

    EDIT: WOW. OK NOW I need a woman in a night gown.

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  9. One thing I REALLY appreciate about this forum is the wildly varied knowledge you all have of photographers you know or admire. Mr Crewdson is just one more to add to my list of folks whose work is both interesting and inspirational!
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  10. @Ricochetrider, @samstevens,

    For me, the blown out white areas and strange blue light (reflection off a windscreen?) adds to my 'perceptive quality' of the photo. This still a little-known term just invented by me (© Mike Morrell) on the fly :). It's as if some strange light is aimed at or radiates from the left building. Serendipity has blessed you with a nice round highlighted area on the wall (to me much more interesting and mysterious than whatever words happened to be on wall!), together with brightly lit roof boards and an intricate pattern of window frames set against a darker interior and black sky. The bright tower and cross reaching up into the dark sky is wonderful!

    You have a good eye for an interesting photo and composition. It's probably more of a compliment to the architects - and also to you for spotting it - but I really like the way the parts of the church are designed. They're one whole but each part is different. I especially like how each part has a similar 'visual weight'. What each part lacks in height, it compensates in breadth. Conversely, they higher each part is, the less broad it is. Just these 3 parts of the church make an interesting 'skyline' in which each part plays a pretty equal 'visual' part . Or am I just fantasizing here ?

    So for many reasons, I really like this photo just as it is. It has - mostly by intention but nd partly through serendipity - something special.

    What I meant by "purists" (@samstevens) was that people could criticize the photo based on the (technical) fact that some areas are blown out, rather than appreciating the positive effect this has (in this case) on the perceptual quality' (© Mike Morrell) of the photo.'

    I would just be thankful for - and proud of - the photo!

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  11. My guess is that a lot of people can do both ...
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  12. Ha Ha, you're absolutely right of course: people can see more than just one thing. Thanks (sincerely) for your comment.

  13. Thanks so much for your multiple compliments- I am thankful for the shot and well pleased with it.

    I was actually hanging out my open car window like a monkey, so that "blue spot", whatever it is wouldn't have been reflected off anything in my car.
    Meanwhile, I'm certain it is a good thing the police did not come along, or I could have been in trouble- not that there was any traffic at all after midnight or whatever late hour this was. I was definitely stopped in the middle of the road however AND I'd had a couple beers. Living dangerously, I guess, still- at 63. BUT I "got the shot". LOL.

    Thanks again. Along with being pleased that you're so enthusiastic about this photo, your kind words serve as a nice confidence boost as well, and I really appreciate that.
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  14. IMG_20200717_194952.jpg My daughter take this by Huawaip30pro. I use this picture for cover photo in my Facebook.
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