Phone Phriday January 22, 2021

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  1. STOP
    0007P&M Obrero Señalizando Señal STOP-HPS2019.jpg
    Huawei P Smart​
  2. iPhone 11 Max Pro....Austin, Texas IMG_2286.jpg
  3. Line for covid-19 vaccine. iPhone 6s. p295.jpg
  4. Shot tent in distance. iPhone 6s. p296.jpg
  5. E15F839B-9BFB-4346-B07C-BAD493C9FF4E.jpeg Lough Lumman. iPhone Panorama.
  6. James, do you use a tripod for your panoramas?
  7. Not for the iPhone- just try to pan at a steady pace. I have started importing these to photoshop to correct the inevitable wonky horizons. I generally do use a tripod when shooting panoramas on DSLR though.
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  8. F586F2A6-5937-4EA9-8A9A-FADC1936F500.jpeg iPhone 12 Pro Max F6B2433E-3D34-4D87-8DBC-77F58E6719F1.jpeg Inauguration of Joseph Biden - Memorial Bridge route security. I was not credentialed in time to gain entry, but I tried... gently of course, so I was not detained.
  9. I love the stunning panorama's and 'current events' photos this week!
    This is just something very ordinary (but 'quirky') that caught my attention walking to my local supermarket today. Four different bike locks (for an old bike!) and none of them secured to one of the metal railings that are there (and everywhere in NL) explicitly for that purpose. Maybe the owner is just a collector:).

    20210122 PF - mike.jpg
  10. I walked at our marina in a near-zero (F) windchill, this morning. This bird house brought a delight to my eyes. Usually I carry a camera here, but today the phone did just fine.

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