Phone Phriday February 26, 2021

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  1. steel and glass
    0009a Edifícios Acero Cristal-HPS2019.jpg Huawei P Smart
  2. Affectionately known as "The Mayor" in a neighboring town, population 1641.
    the mayor x1000.jpg
  3. Sori on rock polypody IMG_5784 sori rock polypody x1500.jpg
  4. The town near where I went to school had a road sweeper called The Major (he wore a beret like Montgomery) who cursed lorry drivers as they drove past.

    (Alas, no phone photos)
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  5. Controlled Burn at Wildflower Center IMG_2420.jpg
  6. Bill, I'm curious about what the circular thing on the tripod is that looks to be connected to the woman's phone: Lighting? Microphone? Any ideas?


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