Phone Phriday December 3, 2021

Discussion in 'Phone and Mobile' started by luis triguez, Dec 3, 2021.

  1. a friend at his birthday party before we cook a barbecue on his patio
    0009P&M César con Cuatro Botellas Vino-HPS2019.jpg
    Huawei P Smart​
  2. Have a great day, Luis, but beware.

    This fella had too much wine and now look at him

    iPhone 13 Pro
  3. iPhone 11 Max Pro at Central Market in Austin, Texas Phone-Friday.jpg
  4. Bryce Canyon cliche.
    HTC One S

  5. Morning dews and damps (dog-walk version)
    1 hand for the leash, 1 hand for the iPhone, 1 hand for the cane... (or why I don't do more of this)
  6. Morning moon over the homestead. (Title is better than the photo)

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