Phone Phriday - Dec 11

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  1. Thank you Andrew for keeping this going while I was away! Here is a photo from my trip to Myanmar.
  2. Er, here is a photo from my trip to Myanmar...
  3. I am in fi.Google and received a Google holiday greetings of a cell phone cable to USB plus a Lego type kit for a charging stand. I assembled it and placed Nexus 6 in it, taking picture with Nexus 6P.
  4. View through mobile of backyard and rainbow.
  5. A chandelier from my sister-in-law's house.
  6. Glad to keep it going Peter.
    Zion National Park from May.
    Samsung Galaxy S4, edited with Snapseed
  7. Ok, really basic question here... Ever since I started the Phone Phriday "thing", I have noticed that everyone else's images tend to look much sharper than mine even though we're all working with the 700 pixel constraint, and despite the fact that my original images look much sharper than the 700 pixel export that comes out.
    For example, compare my image above to the full-size jpg attached to this post.
    For you iPhone users, are you shrinking the images with the "Export" feature of Photos, or do you have an alternative workflow that produces better results?
  8. On the iPhone I either do a quick processing with photogene or snapseed and resize within the app or with a dedicated
    resizing app.

    Alternately, I export the image from iPhoto and process with photoshop.

    I find processing on the phone is not ideal for sharpening etc because of the relatively tiny screen.
  9. I'm not an iPhone user, but my posting process is a bit convoluted. Like Edwin, I usually process my better shots in Snapseed or something similar, which for me includes sharpening and contrast adjustments. Then I upload to SmugMug which is what I use for sharing photos that I don't want to post to Facebook with family and friends. SmugMug has a way to get a link to a specific size and I copy the photo from there and paste it here.
    Despite regularly posting to the Canon weekly thread and the Monday in Nature thread, I haven't gotten the hang of attaching a file to my post or making good use of the portfolio here.
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    This was last weekend driving to Hamilton, Ontario, for our extended family's annual Christmas dinner. My wife can't sit idle for 4 hours. There is truth to the saying, 'opposites attract'. ;)
  11. As for the sharpening, I'm cheating again. It's a DNG file from my Lumia, processed in CaptureOne :) Getting my phone to create a 700px long/wide image, so far I haven't found an app that resizes that way, so I've always been resizing on a PC anyway.
  12. Gmailed from phone to chromebook, resized in pxlr. No edits
  13. Don't know what the black line is.
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    Samsung Note 3 & Snapseed •

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