Phone Phriday August 12, 2022

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  1. Granny's loneliness makes her go out to have a beer in the pub on the corner and think about everything she has lived and lost throughout her life... now she only has memories and a lot of loneliness
    0003S&D Soledad Abuelita Pub Cerveza-HPS2019.jpg Huawei P Smart​
  2. Cats claiming my place on the couch. iPhone 13 Pro Max. p340.jpg
  3. Fone-Friday.jpeg iPhone 11 Max Pro
  4. IMG_6584.jpg

    iPhone 12 Pro
  5. Pet store show off. iPhone 12.
  6. New England 2nd hand shop.
  7. Susquehanna River with bridges, dam, & Harrisburg PA downtown skyline
    13 pro max

  8. Backstage, Hollywood Casino


    Stove knobs shadow, our kitchen


    Imagine Dragons massive low rez video wall & stage set up at load in, Hersheypark Stadium


    My 1966 BSA Thunderbolt


    And two from backstage at the Stadium: blue skies and lovely clouds on Zac Brown Band show day



    all images iphone 13 pro Max
  9. phone_phriday_0812.jpg iPhone 13 Pro Max
  10. RR, your unrotated last image looks very futuristic. Definitely worth a second look.

    Also, re BSA, as teenagers, many years ago, we used to ride a BSA Bantam 125 off road. God, it was a clapped out machine. Your bike looks good
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  11. Re the I rotated image: Well that answers that question. It’s rotated correctly in my phone and I always wondered if it was just me but now know that it shows up like this for everyone.

    the BSA Bantam… sweet little bikes! Ah the fun we had a children eh?
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