Phone Phriday April 16, 2021

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  1. last week several burned motorcycles appeared near my home. Vandalism?. Many people have lost control with Covid-19 :mad:
    0013P&M Asombro Vandalismo Moto Quemada Ruina-HPS2019.jpg Huawei P Smart
  2. iPhone 11 Pro local grocery store in Austin, Texas IMG_2549.jpg
  3. Today, rainy day, waiting for the internment ceremony for a friend to begin.
    4-15-2021 1000x.jpg
  4. iPhone11 Pro Max 01B80B9B-94FE-4A24-B174-CF4145DBB405.jpeg A collectors bottle of Cognac
  5. IMG_20181206_084216.jpg

    Redmi Note 3
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  6. Personal: view from my new apartment.
    Terhheijden (1 of 1).jpg
  7. Personal, is that opposed to professional?

    In other words, would you have taken a different photo in a professional capacity ?
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  8. Dear Ludmilla: You always surprise me! :)
  9. Maybe, I was just sitting on my (small) balcony in my new apartment thinking 'I like this unobstructed view. So I wasn't thinking about taking a photographically 'interesting' photo, Just one that was interesting to me personally. A more photographically interesting photo might have been of some of my neighbors who congregate in our communal garden :).

  10. I was being genuine. I know Mike shoots professional for certain groups, I just wondered if he had a different approach to his personal stuff.
    It wasn’t a trick question
  11. Fuckit, I’m wounded.

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