Phone Phriday - Apr 15

Discussion in 'Phone and Mobile' started by bnyc, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Happy Phriday everyone! Still in the 40's here, but it's looking more like Spring all the time...
  2. Part of a Karman vortex street formed by stream foam. The vortices are better appreciated in video of course...
  3. Edwin, your nature photos consistently deliver! Love it.
  4. Took out the bread machine which was sitting in the basement for more than 5 years to be used the first time. Result, a two pound brick.
  5. The composition with the tools is delightful. :)
  6. Peter, thanks. I had been looking for a Karman vortex street in nature for several years after seeing some satellite photos of some.
    BTW I really like the contrast between the bricks and the blossoms.
    Andy, very funny shot! Reminds of some of my bread making attempts
  7. At the fountains in Atlanta
    Samsung S4
  8. Hard and soft
    Samsung S4 edited in Instagram

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