Phone camera vs small mirrorless vs point and shoot for your back pocket 'other' camera.

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  1. Lovely colours Mr. Klein, who is that young stud in the first photo? Love the shot of the fence rail. I posted in this thread about missing my RX100 and then made a bad mistake of wasting time going to ebay searching for a mark three or four. So this post ended up costing me £310 for a new RX100 111 , but I couldn't be happier. What a stunning lens! All the best, Charles.
  2. I recently picked up the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Pretty decent camera now even compared to my Xr. I also carry a Rollei 35 and rolls of Ektar 100. I did a test print with the iPhone and I can turn out a very good 11x14 print with it. Sometimes that’s just enough for what I need.
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  3. A Sony (recently, A7Riv) with a 40 mm Zeiss Batis lens passes for my "compact" walkabout camera. I don't carry it as often as I used to, and find myself wishing I had on too many occasions. "Oh wait! I have a cell phone" I say to myself when I stop to think about it.

    I never carry my phone in a back pocket. It's too vulnerable to snatching, or sitting and breaking it.
  4. I don't care much for zoom but I do care for manual controls. However, something with manual controls isn't as easy to carry as the phone so I would opt for the phone.
  5. Ah you made my day. Tomorrow's my 76 birthday. In any case, although I don;t like cellphone generally for a regular photo work, I was stuck with only my Galaxy 7 around 2 1/2years ago when I took this series of stills and short video clip assembled with music afterwards to show to my senior group where I live. It was from tour our Men's club went to our local New Jersey Fire Training facility.
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  6. G&R


    When all else fails mobile phones are invariably the backup. Does anyone operate cameras without one? Your next mobile phone shot might also be shot of your life..

    - Mobile Photography Awards
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  7. Your steadiness is impressive, Alan. If you're not using some kind of stabilization, your shooting skills are truly excellent! In fact, they're excellent even if you are using stabilization of some kind, You underscore that old adage - it ain't what you use, it's how you use it.
  8. The smart phone camera's are really pretty good. If you like a camera camera, any small up to date pt. and shoot should work. I like the Ricoh but I'm using a few generations old GRD IV. Canon's are popular and hikers and backpackers seem to like the Sony RX 1000 aeries. I hiked and backpacked in the Sierras and used an iPhone 7 and I was quite happy with the pics. The new versions are even better.
  9. Happy 76th birthday Mr. Klein, all the best, Charles.
  10. I have been using a succession of waterproof and and shock resistant compact cameras over the past dozen years for snorkeling, kayaking, skiing, hiking, and just walking around. My latest waterproof camera is an Olympus TG4, which takes very good photos and easily fits in a pocket. Although my iPhone 6 takes decent photos, I tend to forget that it has that capability, and rarely use it for photography.
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  11. I have to remind myself to remember that my iphone actually has a camera build-in :( The already mentioned Sony RX-100 cameras have been tempting me for some time - but I cannot bring myself to pull the trigger given their cost. I succumbed once to the notion of having a small, always carry-along camera in form of the Ricoh GR - yet despite it being pocketable, it very often doesn't come along for the ride. Quite some time ago, I owned some small Lumix (at the time highly recommended by a certain Ken Rockwell). Took it as my only camera on a trip to New York City - still regret that decision more than a decade later.
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  12. I have started using a smartphone as my main camera of choice and so far except for Bird and Sports action photography , I can do things that I use to do with my DSLR. :)

    Here are some images I recently took with my smartphone (Huawei P30) and an off camera flash.

    lores IMG_20210114_153844.jpg

    lores IMG_20210124_170730.jpg

    lores IMG_20201119_165316.jpg
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  13. Like the first one, John Fantastic. Has a happiness to it.

    Cool handle, John Fantastic. Let's not be shy;)

    Me, I like my ancient RX100, for casual stuff. More flexibility than my Huawei P20, not so slippery in my hand. But then I've taken a lot of photos with my P20.
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  14. Hope you are not going to disappear into oblivion John Fantastic
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  15. Thanks. All video clips are handheld. My stills are even steadier. :)
  16. Thanks.
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  17. IMG_2712.jpeg Yosemite with iPhone 7 no post processing and yes we had a couple of minutes of rain :)
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  18. Hahahahahaha , Thank you Allen Herbert and I am very glad you liked the photos. :)

    5 Years ago, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and my doctor prohibited from carrying anything heavier that 20 lbs. And my Photography suffered.
    I can no longer carry heavy gear specially when travelling to the countryside. My style of photography involves the use of multiple low power off camera flash.
    During my DSLR days I usually use Yongnou, with radio transmitters and my trusty DSLR.

    I have been waiting for an off camera flash for smartphones and it came last year when Innovatronix introduced the CPFlash 550W. So I bought 4 of them as replacements for my Yongnou. Now I can create images that I used to do with my DSLR. I have printed them in A3+ (13"x19") paper and so far I am happy with the resolution of my smartphone. Virtually indistinguishable with my DSLR shots at 13"x19" not unless you pixel peep. more so if your final output is for social media where resolution does not really matter much. Now my photo bag consists of my smartphone and 4 CPFlash 550W and weight less than 10 lbs. and my doctor is very happy.

    You should try it Allen Herbert, if you have some off camera flash Speedlight's, its not actually hard and using small off camera flashes will add some drama in the image, that a straight camera shot without flashes would not be able to achieve. Its even much easier to achieve with your smartphone .:)

    Here are some shots I took with my DSLR.
    lores Fiesta Celebration.jpg
    Canon 1000D 1/60Second , f/4, ISO 800, 17mm lens shot with 4 Yongnou Flash.

    Here is another photo. When my photography friends saw this picture they jokingly said the title should be "Parade of the Yongnou"

    lores Going Home.jpg
    Canon 600D ,1/125 second, f/8, ISO200, 28mm lense shot with 7 Yongnou Flash

    Now here are some shots I took very recently with my Huawei P30.

    lores IMG_20210124_163602.jpg
    Huawei P30 , 1/1600 sec. f/1.6 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent) ISO 200.

    Diagram Jumping No Smoke.jpg

    lores Behind The Scenes.jpg

    lores IMG_20210114_165618.jpg
    Huawei P30, 1/250 sec., f/1.6, 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent), ISO100

    lores IMG_20210114_161525.jpg
    Huawei P30 , 1/200 sec., f/1.6, 5.56mm (27mm 35mm equivalent) ISO50

    Diagram 3 Game Of Thrones.jpg
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