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Discussion in 'Phone and Mobile' started by RaymondC, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. I am due for a phone upgrade had this for 4yrs now myself. Re: the photo apps, do I need a specific phone before I can get manual settings with my phone app? I've downloaded Fv5 Lite version, Open camera app and VSCO but the best I have managed is P mode and Shutter Priority.

    My phone 4yrs only cost me about $250US equiv maybe that is why?

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  2. I have the Lightroom app and it has manual controls for shutter speed, iso, wb, exposure comp and focus.

    I have an iPhone X and I can shoot in DNG.

    There is a free version but I am not sure what you get for that (I pay a monthly fee)
  3. As far as I know, things like shutter speed, ISO, WB, shutter speed, etc. can be controlled on all modern phones by apps like Fv5. Pretty much all mobile phones have a fixed aperture these days so there's no manual (or at best a simulated) aperture control. The default camera app on my latest Samsung phone has a "Pro"(manual) mode which does everything Fv5 does and more. Like Ludmilla, I also have Lightroom which allows full manual controls too.

    It's worth browsing some phone camera review sites (google "best mobile phone camera") to get an idea of what's available at which price. Naturally, the 'flagship' Apple and Samsung models are at the top of most lists. But there are other less expensive brands and models on the lists too.


  4. Mine isn't a high model phone seems like it won't work.

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  5. try downloading lightroom, its free. if it does not work, just un-install it. :)
  6. Thanks for that. Tried Lightroom also. Doesn't allow me manual controls.

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