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  1. Additionally......
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    While James Madison referred to the same idea as "the violence of majority faction" in The Federalist Papers, for example Federalist 10, the phrase "tyranny of the majority" was used by John Adams in 1788.[8] It was also used by Edmund Burke in Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790), where he said that "The tyranny of a multitude is a multiplied tyranny." It was further popularised by John Stuart Mill in On Liberty (1859). The Federalist Papers and the phrase (in translation) is used at least once in the first sequel to Human, All Too Human (1879).[9] Ayn Rand wrote that individual rights are not subject to a public vote, and that the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities and "the smallest minority on earth is the individual".[10]

    We see this playing out in the current atmosphere of Democrat legislators publicly encouraging harassment en masse of anyone expressing a differing political view with the explicit purpose of suppression of speech.
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  2. More often people mistakenly think they have something new to offer.....
  3. Never mind, message edited as it wasn't going to contribute anything useful.
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  4. Wouter, you get points in my book for knowing when not to take the bait!
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  5. It’s the hook that counts....take the bait but break the hook.
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  6. "It’s the hook that counts....take the bait but break the hook" Moving know where.

    Oh my goodness...he thinks his a cowboy...having a shoot out at high noon. And he has a cowboy hat, and full of political correctness...Wyatt Earp of goodness.
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  7. Back to Photography.

    Phil, when he is not talking about the leftie stuff....has a lot to offer about photography.

    It would be really nice if he started a thread about photography.
  8. Really nice.
  9. For moved on somewhere....same old.
  10. Cool, vid or what.
  11. "Free speech isn’t contingent on democracy" Phil.

    Well, it is.

    Think about the origins of western Democracy.

    Think Greek and Athens.
  12. And of of course it needs to be protected.

    Only the peoples can do that.
  13. Now I see what the title of the thread is referring to......
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  15. Suicide.

    Not a lynching...
  16. KKK still exists in your Democracy; today.

    They hanged black men because they were black.

    The KKK still preaches their hate today, If I was a American I would hold my head down in shame.
  17. something is all you need. love.jpg

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