Philadelphia camera show

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by ralf_j., May 22, 2022.

  1. After 2.25 years, a modest reincarnation of the Philly camera show came back. It was a good time with some reasonable finds.



  2. Good haul, Ralf. I think I have the original King version of the USC 35 tucked away somewhere. The Goerz folder appears to be in great order..
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  3. I suspected it was a Regula as soon as I saw it. It is super clean, no tarnish on aluminum and lens has no maladies either.
  4. HI, Ralf. I was there, sorry I missed you. Perhaps if there's a fall show?

    Nothing much there that spoke to me, but tastes differ.
  5. HI Dan - glad you made it out, definitely slim pickings. One of the vendors I know personally tested positive for C19 the night before, so that definitely contributed to a smaller vendor crowd.
    It would have been good to say hello, but I did my business in about an hour and was out of there. Perhaps next time, and am hoping the Second Sunday will make a come back at some point. (With Stan and Susan gone, it will be difficult though)

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