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  1. I am looking at this to go on my 553elx - I have some questions but no one has repolied to my email from the dealer. As it is the first one I have seen in my price range I am hoping someone here can answer some questions for me. I am a total novice to med format digital
    Can anyone tell me if:
    It will fit the 553elx?
    I can use it in the field (untethered)?
    I can use Aperture (apple MAc) and CS4 (Mac) to process the photos?
    Any advice most gratefully received.
    The ad says:
    USED Phase One H20 V fit
    Excellent quality files from this inexpensive 16m pixel digital back, producing 48mb files at 8bit. Native Hasselblad "V" fit but can attach via adapters to most large format cameras and the Mamiya RZ ProII body.
    Three months warranty
  2. Odille:
    It will fit.
    It must be teathered and may require a special adapter because it takes its power from the tethering computer.
    Somebody else will have to answer the last question.
  3. I use mine in the field tethered to my laptop in my backpack, powered by a 12V battery. If you would like more details, just ask.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Naturally, as soon as I posted here they answered. The tethered bit puts me off a bit, I'll have a think. Gregory, is it not unweildy?
  5. Of course it is...but not much more than shooting medium format in the first place. ;-)
    It's very "Ghostbusters"...laptop in the backpack running a firewire cable to the camera. The battery is in the backpack as well, and plugs into the other firewire port on the PCMCIA 1394 adapter. This energizes the common (but unpowered) power circuits with 12v.
    If your laptop has a built-in port, especially a 4-pin port, injecting the voltage may be more complicated, but doable.
    I use a 1800mah Li-ion battery for $22 from Ebay. It seems to run the back for as long as I need it....probably longer than my laptop or flash battery. Probably a good couple hours of constant shooting.
    Granted, you need to shoot these backs at ISO50...ISO100 tops. Beyond that, you get so much noise it's not really worth it. So I'm not sure how much I'll use it DSLR is much more usable. But it's cheaper than shooting it fulfills an interesting niche if I want to do outdoor portraits.
    And at ISO50, you get to shoot in some pretty bright light without blowing through the 1/125 sync speed. I have the RZ67 with back adapter that can shoot 1/400 sync, but rarely need to use it.
    Mine is the H10, which is only 11mp and 3:2, not square. But I think the performance is similar if not identical.
    The IQ is outstanding and loves overexposure (expose to the right). I get at least 2x the apparent sharpness of similar resolution photos from my DSLR. I attribute this to the AA filter. Makes me not rush out to by a FF DSLR with twice the resolution.
  6. At the moment I have an Apple Powerbook (an old titanium one) and a Kogan netbook (new).
    Would either of these do the job? The netbook is at least small and light - its specs are 2GB of RAM, a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU, and an integrated Intel 950 graphics accelerator, as well as 802.11g networking, a 160GB hard drive and a mini-USB dongle for connecting to Bluetooth devices.
    The Powerbook only has 1Gb RAM and that is the maximum so I don't imagine it would cut it for this purpose.
  7. You have two issues, software and hardware.
    1. Software: You have to be able to run Capture One on your computer. The version you want is 3.7.8, if I recall correctly. Version 4 wasn't set up to work with the H10, and I presume won't work perfectly with the H20. If nothing else, I didn't get to set ISO above 100. Not that that was any loss. ;-)
    Capture One should also provide a key for the DB version of that software for you. They are very helpful.
    I doubt you need much horsepower.
    2. Hardware: You have to be able to power the firewire as I mentioned above. I don't recall any laptops providing six-pin powered firewire, including Apple. I got the impression that only Apple gave you BUILT-IN firewire, but it was the 4-pin type.
    But I have never had an Apple laptop...

  8. Thank you for your answers, gregory. it has become a moot point as I have bought myself a Hasselblad H2 with HV90x and PHASE ONE P20 and 80mm 2.8 from the Uk, now I just have to contain myself in patience until it arrives. The Apple laptop has got a firewire port but lord knows how many pins!
  9. Right on! If you need info on how to wire it up, feel free to ask.
  10. Thanks, I'll keep it in mind - I probably will!
  11. Hi Greg, How have you wired up your portable system? I have a phase one H20 back that I use tethered to my pc or apple desktops. I mount it either on my hasselblad 500C or motorized elx body. I have a hp laptop with firewire port and a belkin external firewire powered port that I intended to use in the field but I could never get this to work for me. Cheers Peter (Kanga)
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    Greg hasn't been seen since 2012 - suggest you post your question as a new thread - you are more likely to get answers. Best of luck!

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