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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by pip_marrotte, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. I have an old Petri V-VI camera that I would like to sell. Does
    anyone have any idea what I should ask for it and how to go about
    selling? The camera is in great condition, no flash, no extra lenses.
  2. Pip,

    I have purchased a few Petri 35mm SLR cameras via eBay during the last year and have found that most models generally sell in the $25 to $50 range depending on function and cosmetics. Accessories help boost price a bit. They are generally undervalued and underappreciated due in part to the brand's less than stellar reputation for shutter reliability and the fact that many find most models either cost ineffective or just very hard to repair. Unique design and interesting company history combined with low selling price makes them fairly popular. Decent quality of finish overall. Nice heafty feel. Lenses are also a bit fussy to fix. I find the Petri Flex 7 and FA-1 models to be particulary nice and relatively more valuable cameras when working. One of my other favorites is the very common Petri FT. I believe your V series model is a later Penta based model from the 1960's sharing the earlier type body style. Potentially it too can be a pleasant and very well finished camera but don't expect much if and when you sell it. I hope others will elaborate on their points of view. I find Petri cameras to be interesting regardless of the negatives!
  3. I see in the "completed" listings that a Petri VI with working shutter and four lenses (28, 55, 135, 200) went for $36. Petri V cameras went for $20.50, $26 and $78 (mint in original box with accessories.)
  4. Pip,

    Maybe someone in this forum will contact you offline and make an offer? You might also consider joining the IDCC group and try to sell/swap your camera during one of their periodic swap days.

    EBay is another option but considering your camera's limited value, a one time sale may be more trouble than worth. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for the input. I'll hang onto it for now. I'm just getting started in photography so still a lot to learn! What is the IDCC? Sorry for the delay in responding...I'd forgotten I had posted this question.
  6. Pip,
    I have been using Petri cameras since 1970. I have found them to be strong, well built and reliable equipment. All told, I have owned about 6 or 7 Petris. My favorite by far is the Petri FT. With the extra lenses I have accumulated over the years, I can photograph a wide variety of subjects and scenes. Most recently my Petri has provided some publicity photos for a local theatre group with excellent results. I also own a Pentax K1000 SE, as it is much like the Petri, a solid, dependable, work horse of a camera which takes outstanding photos despite the manual requirements. If your Petri V-VI is functioning well, hang on to it and use it, you will, I am sure, begin to appreciate the results and the reliability.
    Chuck C
  7. I purchased several SLR cameras of various makes in the '60s and '70s. Of all of them including Canon, Minolta, Petri, Konica, etc. only the Petri FT has continued working as new without a CLA or repairs of any kind. It wears a 1.4 lens and I have a Tamron 300mm lense for wildlife work. The Petri FT has been with me on canoe trips in the North country, African safaris, and numerous adventures here in Oregon. It is my favorite SLR.

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