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  1. Greetings to community members.
    The story goes like this.This is my
    ,i want your feedback(bad or good) on it.Plain and simple.
  2. I like the site, and I like your work. Your gallery takes a little too long to load, but I was really intrigued and wanted to see what you had in there. I'm glad I was patient and waited. The dark and moody images are great, and all of your images seem consistently real. I like the feel of them.
    Aside from the slightly long loading time for your gallery, the only thing I would mention is that it wasn't apparent to me at first that I needed to "click" on the photo to move through the images. I was a little confused at first and while moving my mouse around I chanced across the word "click." It wasn't real obvious. Maybe it's me and other people won't find that to be an issue.
    I read your bio and it seems that you have made a really good start down that path you mentioned.
  3. Nice work. It's honest and easy to use. Like Linda, I found it a little slow to load, but not so bad that I was ready to give up
    at any point. From a practical point of view, you may find yourself wanting to attract search engines in the future and may
    want to get some of the text in a format they can read. This of course is a compromise because your typography works
    really well and it would be quite difficult to reproduce in a search engine friendly way. I enjoyed your work, you left me
    wanting more.
  4. Thanks you both for the encouraging words,i will try to improve the loading times .I am allready working on indexing the flash content. There will be more Mark.
  5. Great photos, and that's what counts!
  6. Great work and a great site. The loading time isn't so bad. It could be faster, but doesn't annoy the user. Considering that I just worked on my site, the only potential issue is that, since its a flash site, the indexing on search engines isn't all that great. You could parallely have a photo blog and link your site to that to optimise your search results. Otherwise its Perfect.
  7. That's very encouraging and very good ideea with a photoblog,linking back to my website,altough i heard google works now with macromedia on the issue of extracting text/links from swf. files.
  8. I will not comment on the image quality, wich is quite good.
    When using a wireless connection the gallery take way to much time to load,
    as suggested earlier, you may want to add an html splash page, possibly linking to a blog...
    ...because google is just starting to work on indexing flash content, and right now it's bad.
    Also, if the purpose of your site is to eventually gain customers, I would recommend you to create galleries matching the photographic range you want to cover...
    Otherwise, I like the design and the font.
  9. Thanks the moment i am redesigning the gallery to hold more categories.That will be online,when i will have a richer portofolio.I'll keep photography as a passion,but if there will be some side projects from which i can make some extra money,that will be a nice thing.
  10. Like the simplicity and your portfolio. Font and sizing was good out of explorer. Maybe (just personally) would use a slideshow rather than clicking on each image. Nice work. Good luck
  11. I just wanted to mantain the simplicity of the gallery.Solely from this reason i gave up on buttons ......At next revision of the gallery component,i'll test how two buttons(previous,next) will look and feel.
  12. Ps:bookmark the web adress..:)

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