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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by GPalm, Oct 9, 2017.

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    Hello Everyone,

    A few quick (and positive) things we wanted to update you on.

    1.) International Performance: We are doing a performance upgrade specifically designed for our international friends through an upgrade to our CDN. We hope and expect this addresses the performance issues you've been experiencing and uploading, commenting and browsing will be similar experience in terms of speed as it is here is in the US.

    2.) My Timeline feature is being worked on so there will be some nips and tucks there in the coming day or two, so what you see now is not the finished product yet - it was a bit of a pre-release and they are still making adjustments to it. Thank you for your patience and feedback.

    3.) Ad Platform: Our ad platform has now been upgraded and you should only seem endemic ads (only ads related to photography) from here on out. This means, no more network ads. From here on out you will see ads only served by us, no more ads taken from outside sources (aka networks), so if they didn't buy it directly from us - it is not getting served. You will see Canon, Nikon, Tamron, Epson, CreativeLive to name a few with more coming. But if its not related to photography - it won't be served.
  2. Glenn, many of us are having a major problem uploading photos. We get an error message telling us the file is too large which is, of course, not the case. It often takes several attempts and necessitates quitting and relaunching the browser. Is this something you're working on? It's been going on for close to 3 weeks now and seems like something that deserves priority. Gordon posted about it in a thread below, with a screen cap of the error message being generated. Thanks.
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    Yes it is - but we are waiting on Xenforo to release a fix. They acknowledged the bug and are working on it.
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    Over the weekend Xenforo posted a fix - we just uploaded it - give it try now.
  5. It will take a couple of days to know if it's fixed, as it's a problem that happens regularly but not every time. I'll get back to you.
  6. Actaully, I just got a "server error" message when trying to post my response above. Just got it once, then tried again and it went through.
  7. I tried to upload to the NW forum. First file uploaded fine, second try gave me the file too large error message. When I tried to upload a screen shot of the error message to this post, I got another file too large error message. So yeah your fix fixes nothing.
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    1GB is the limit - what was the file size you were trying to upload?
  9. Glenn, I'm also still getting the error. All my files are very small jpgs. What I've noticed is that if I upload multiple files, it only fails for the last one. In other words, it uploads 1,2,3, then gives the error for 4 (the last). The first three ARE uploaded successfully. It seems to me that the system is making a mistake on closing out the upload session.

    If I upload only one file, sometimes it works, and sometimes it gives the error and I get no file uploaded.

  10. Anything I upload to PN is less than 300kb
  11. Glenn, it's not fixed. I just got the server error message when trying to post a photo to a No Words thread. It went through on the second attempt. Please rest assured that the seasoned members you're talking to here know the size limits of the photos we're uploading and that the problem is not a user problem.
  12. For me, the ads are now continually reloading, and each time the post itself is "jumping" up and down in response making it impossible to read and post - especially in threads that are already too long.....
  13. I have come to having a Bob Dylan song replay in my head -- "Everything is Broken". I still have confidence that some day in the near future, the scattered bits and bytes will be glued back together. In the meantime, I keep checking the Photo Contest page, and reading the forums.
  14. I have been asking questions of several times (over a period of months). Promised answers within 48 hours. NEVER got any answers. I can't continue to pay for this site with such poor service.
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  15. It's been broken for such a long time now that I don't think that its utility will be restored,
  16. My "upload a file" button isn't working...can't post any photos. I'm using Safari, not sure if it's me or this site. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks.

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