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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by j._d._mcgee, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. I have a chance to get a good price on the PB-E2 for my EOS-3. What
    is the frames-per-second boost for the EOS-3 and what other benefits
    would I get from it? I shoot a lot of flash photography with the
    550EX (not necessarily why I want the PB-E2) and was wondering if
    the battery life is better that just the camera alone. You can use
    Nickel Hydrides can't you? That recharge ability may be worth it
    all together. But mainly what is the performance increase of
    combining the 3 with the PB-E2?
  2. Canon's literature will provide you with everything you need to know. In short using standard batteries it will speed up to 6fps, and using the NiMH Canon claims that it can reach 7fps. I tested it once for fun and they seemed to be pretty much right on with that, and the AF keeps up no problem.

    The NiMH packs and the charger are rediculously expensive but they last forever and are fairly convenient for me in the over two years I've had the camera. The grip itself also adds a vertical shutter release, and the dial and other buttons that are accessible by the thumb on the back of the grip.
  3. There's also the older PB-E1 which doesn't offer all the advanced features of the PB-E2 and the 7fps.

    If you don't need a motor drive there's a less expensive Power Drive Booster E1.
  4. Sorry, speed is supposedly the same with the PB-E2 or E1.
  5. Other benefits...

    * can buy and use the wrist strap, connected to camera and PB-E2 lug, which gives hand-held security without the great big black shoulder strap flapping in front of the viewfinder when you least need it!

    * AAs (x8) are heavy but easy to buy anywhere, cf 2CR5 which you can't always get when you most need one

    * PB-E2 electrical contact cover fits over the EOS 3's normal 2CR5 grip to keep that gizmo clean when it's not in use, and even comes with a slot for the plastic cover button you remove from the camera baseplate

    * solid build protects the polycarbonate baseplate of the EOS 3 body

    * balances well with heavier lenses, though remember to place the camera on its back when fitted with a smaller lens (otherwise it can tumble forwards onto the lens barrel - ouch!)
  6. You can also use Lithium AA batteries in the PBE2, which last a good long time compared to other types.
  7. IIRC, there's a little sensor in the PB-E2 that only enables its top speed if you're using the Genuine Canon NiMH pack, as opposed to the regular holder for 8 AAs. Somewhere on the Net you can find instructions on how to defeat this feature, so that the body will shoot at full speed even with the regular holder - if your batteries are powerful enough. Don't bother trying it with alkalines, but NiMH or Li might be able to do this.

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