Perfex Speed Candid... In Need of Love

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  1. Hello. I managed to score a Perfex Speed Candid for $3.00 a while back at, of all things, a car parts swap meet. In fact, it was at the same place where I bought the Honda CL450 motorcycle that I photographed with the Leica IIIa in an earlier posting. However, unlike the solidly engineered and built Honda, the Perfex is in need of loving care. I would appreciate help on the following things: 1. What is the size of the winding knob? It is missing in my example. I need to know the size (width and height) of the original so I can have a new one fabricated. A close-up picture would also be nice. 2. How hard is a shutter curtain replacement? This example's second curtain is badly wrinkled, and leaks light. The shutter itself works fine, but the curtain needs replaced. 3. Is the shutter coupled with the film winding, i.e. does winding the film cock the shutter? I have yet to disassemble the camera, and was wondering if the shutter needed to be cocked by winding the shutter knob, as well as needing the film wound seperately. Seems like a complicated, un-ergonomic camera to use. Wind the film, WIND the shutter to cock it, determine exposure through extinction meter, calculate exposure through exposure calculator on back, select the shutter speed, select f-stop, focus the lens with uncoupled rangefinder (missing on my example), transfer focus setting to lens, look through viewfinder on FAR RIGHT of camera, and take picture by pushing shutter release on FRONT LEFT. Then again, I like a good challenge!!! Thanks for your time!!!
  2. Another view to emphasize how large the Perfex is.
  3. Forgot to mention this earlier, but the exposure calculator on the back has even faster f-stops than f3.5 (the largest aperture on the standard, Graf Perfex Anastigmat lens). These extra f-stops are f2.8, f2.0, and f1.5. Who knows, maybe Perfex planned to market additional, faster, standard lenses for their Speed Candid camera.
  4. Danny - have a look at this. It was advertised with the option of a f2.8 lens, but no mention of anything faster.
  5. That's something I've always wanted - sparkling negatives.
  6. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    Was Allen Funt the corporate president?

    Cheers for a real "box" camera.

    Ray Hull

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