Perceptol or DD-X for N-1 dev of FP4 in med.form.

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by test1, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I've just shot a roll of FP4 with my medium-format toy - Lubitel 166
    (not the sharpest optic it has but I was pleased with the amount of
    details I get with medium format even with this toy). The scenes had a
    lot of snow where I want to preserve texture and bare winter trees and
    some remote town views. I had in mind to use already tried way of
    reduced developing it in Perceptol (my primary developer), but now
    thinking that I'd appreciate a bit more accutance for those scenes I
    shot last days. All the alternatives I have is Ilfotec DD-X (I'm not
    inclined to buy anything more as I'm not doing much of darkroom stuff
    due to space constrains). Is it any better than Perceptol when used
    for reducing contrast while keeping the grain at mimimum?
  2. Use DD-X, dilute 1+9 and agitate once every other minute (after 1st 30 secs or so). This will help harnessing the contrast a little.

    Time should be around 10-11 minutes
  3. Perceptol produces a fine but soft grain.It is ideal,in my opinion,for portraits.Not so good for scenics.
  4. I prefer to use Perceptol but at its 1+3 dilution. This gives higher acutance and better modulation in the highlights.

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